Fabasoft and Wirecard vs. Snapchat and RIB Software – annotated week 47 Peer Group Watch Computer, Software & Internet

11/26/2022, 13044 characters In the weekly view, the leaders are: Fabasoft 12.71% ahead of Wirecard 6.67%, Nvidia 3.83%, Rocket Internet 2.88%, Microsoft 2.42%, Twitter 2.4%, United Internet 1.1%, LinkedIn 0.82%, GoPro 0.55%, Alibaba Group Holding 0.44%, Altaba 0.41%, Nintendo 0.1%, Dropbox 0.04%, Xing 0%, Alphabet -0.17%, Facebook -0.87%, Pinterest -1.3%, SAP -2.06%, Amazon -3.08%, Zalando […]

VGA manufacturers have accumulated suffocating stocks

If your desire to buy doesn’t accelerate, GeForce RTX 30 series VGAs will be delivered next summer as well. The VGA market has experienced strange extremes in recent years. Last year, the biggest problem was that hardly any graphic controllers were in stores, and now we are at the point where the manufacturers’ warehouses are […]

Nvidia Launches RTX 4080 and RTX 4090, How Fast?

Jakarta – Nvidia unveiled the graphics card from its newest RTX 40 series, namely RTX 4080 and RTX 4090. How tight and how much does it cost? The RTX 40 line has been rumored for months and this is the first time it has been introduced to the public. The new RTX 4090 goes on […]

EVGA does not release next-generation VGAs

The head of the company partly blames the market and partly blames NVIDIA. EVGA recently made a serious and shocking announcement on its own forum, which revealed that they are not planning to use next-generation VGAs, that is, they will not present any GeForce RTX 40 series models. Regardless, the company will maintain its current […]

One of the largest video card manufacturers is breaking up with Nvidia and completely withdrawing from the GPU market

Serious problems prevent further cooperation between EVGA and chip supplier Nvidia. California-based EVGA has been producing PC components from motherboards to power supplies to peripherals since 1999, but most people knew the company from its Nvidia-based video cards. That’s why it seemed incredible when Steve Burke, the face of the GamersNexus YouTube channel, announced yesterday […]

Washington bans exports to China

The chip war between the US and China is taking on more and more concrete forms. After the market closed, the top chip manufacturer Nvidia warned that it was affected by the disputes between the two countries. Ironically, the new A100 and H100 AI products from Nvidia (US67066G1040) fall under the new restrictions from Washington. […]

Pelosi’s husband is involved in insider trading! The timing of $5 million in stocks is “just right” and the American people are angry | International | Newtalk News

Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy. Nancy Pelosi. Figure: Retrieved from Pelosi’s Instagram (file photo) The husband of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Paul Pelosi, spent huge sums of money to buy chip stocks, which has raised doubts. According to a report by Fox Business Channel, Pelosi’s office responded to the matter on […]

Wirecard and Nintendo vs. Alibaba Group Holding and Snapchat – commented week 28 Peer Group Watch Computer, Software & Internet

07/16/2022, 13305 characters The weekly view is ahead: Wirecard 15.38% ahead of Nintendo 4.59%, Fabasoft 3.65%, Twitter 2.53%, LinkedIn 0.82%, Pinterest 0.79%, RIB Software 0.47%, Altaba 0.41%, Xing 0%, Nvidia -0.48%, Amazon -1.72%, SAP -2.65%, GoPro -2.88%, Facebook -3.62%, Microsoft -4.09% , Rocket Internet -4.12%, Dropbox -4.4%, United Internet -4.67%, Zalando -5.24%, Alphabet -6.16%, Snapchat […]

180-degree turn: companies can drown in accumulated chips

In a few weeks, everything turned upside down, surprising even Wall Street, and more and more companies are suffering because of the chips accumulated in their warehouses. We have been hearing for years that the electronics sector, the automotive industry, and practically everything is suffering from a global chip shortage – huge investments, capacity expansions […]