The intact remains of two dead in the eruption of Vesuvius discovered in Pompeii

ROME – Excavations at a suburban village on the outskirts of ancient Pompeii this month have recovered the remains of two original inhabitants frozen in time by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius one fateful morning nearly 2,000 years ago. The find of the two victims, whom archaeologists provisionally identified as a wealthy Pompeian landowner and […]

Sergej Belov silences critics

November 18, 2020 at 7:35 pm Paid content: If penguins win : Sergej Belov silences critics Striker Nikita Shatsky tries to block the shot here. The puck is safe prey for goalkeeper Sergej Belov. Photo: Lammertz, Thomas (lamm) Krefeld The Russian goalkeeper of the Krefeld Pinguine earned praise from many quarters after his successful debut […]

Conclave of Pope Francis with NBA players in the Vatican – Europa Directo

The communication received just a week ago at the headquarters of the NBA players union (NBPA) caught many by surprise. Pope Francis asked to organize a meeting with several players in the league to learn more details about their social struggle against racism, so the members of the association got down to work to be […]

The rise of 5% to retirees: there is no story that can with the adjustment

It is hard to find meaning in the press conference that the Government surprisingly organized to announce a 5% increase for retirees who is it almost nothing itself or is it directly nothing, seen by the needs of the recipients. The increase will govern from December and will be the last by decree until, in […]

The worst mistake in the history of the NBA draft

The NBA draft is one of the most important events that the Yankee basketball league has: that night, as happened last Wednesday when Leandro Bolmaro was chosen by the New York Knicks and immediately traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves, the franchises are distributed to the young stars. One by one, from the laziest to the […]

DEL announces date for league start

The day of the decision drove away the months of sadness in German ice hockey. The DEL agreed to start the season shortly before Christmas, all 14 clubs are on board. For ice hockey fans there is already a week before Christmas Eve this year: From December 17, the puck will finally fly over the […]

From 1 to 60: The NBA Picks | NBA

An emotional and very important night for Argentine basketball. The highest pick in NBA history for us considering Carlos Delfino’s Pick 25 and now what happened to Leandro Bolmaro after his election two spots earlier. Let’s review what happened with the rest of the participants. First and foremost, the Bolmaro thing should not have been […]

Chris Paul new player for the Suns | NBA

Just a few hours have passed since the NBA lifted the moratorium in relation to the country market for the first bomb of this intense 2020 recess to fall. Chris Paul became the new Phoenix Suns player. The rumors that brought the base to the Valley of the Sun finally materialized; as reported by Adrian […]