Australia has entered recession – Last Hour

(ANSA) – SYDNEY, 2 SEPTEMBER – Australia entered its first recession since 1991, with a 7% reduction in its economy in the second quarter due to the coronavirus epidemic. The official data released today show this. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, it is the fastest quarterly contraction ever recorded in the country, after […]

Splashy Dozens of BUMN Bank Employees in Malang Exposed to COVID-19

Poor – A chain message circulates through WhatsApp. The message contained information stating that there were 30 BRI Malang employees exposed to COVID-19. In fact, the message stated, there were two BRI Kanwil Malang employees who died because of COVID-19. So that all BRI services in Malang are closed today. When confirmed, the Task Force […]

Risma’s Pressure to Resign After Prostration to IDI Too Forced!

Surabaya – The netizen debate between those who defended and asked Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini to resign from his post was busy on social media. The debate occurred after the Mayor of Risma launched a prostration before the Indonesian Doctors Association during an audience. Unair Constitutional Law Expert Dr. Emanuel Sujatmoko SH said resigning from […]

Minister of Health Suddenly Visits Surabaya Then Invites Risma to Market

Surabaya – Minister of Health Terawan Agus Putranto paid a surprise visit to Surabaya City Hall. Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini was surprised by his arrival. In the town hall, Risma explained how the Surabaya City Government’s efforts to break the chain of the Corona virus spread. Especially the distribution of COVID-19 in the village. “So, […]

There are still 13 regions in East Java with Red Zone status

Surabaya – A total of 13 districts or cities in East Java have the red zone status or areas with a high risk of transmission of COVID-19. This data goes up and down along with data on the addition of cases in East Java. From data collected by detikcom on page, 13 areas that […]

Netizen Debt on Debt Concerns Before IDI

Surabaya – Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini bowed down before IDI at an audience on Monday (29/6). The action drew mixed responses from netizens. Starting from the one who gave support to Risma, to those who asked the mayor of 2 periods to withdraw. Criticism and support are scattered on Twitter. “Next time, Mrs. Risma should […]

Officially appointed as new Director General for Public Security in Office – Austria

1.07.2020 17:42 (Akt. 1.07.2020 17:57) Nehammer congratulated Ruf on the inauguration party. © WHAT / HANS PUNZ Franz Ruf is the new Director General for Public Security. The previous Salzburg State Police Director was inaugurated into his new office on Wednesday. Ruf follows another Salzburg native: Franz Lang, interim director general and long-time director of […]

The doctors called another complication coronavirus: a third of patients

Of all types of delirium – a mental illness that is accompanied by dizziness and hallucinations that we are most familiar with the delirium tremens aka “delirium tremens”. This diagnosis comrade Caax put featured in the film “Caucasian captive”. But delirium is not always occurs in alcoholic soil. Recently revealed that approximately 20-30% of cases […]