Total cuts 700 jobs, stock market action soars

The workforce reduction plans dictated by the logic of profits do not know the crisis: they would even tend to prosper. After Danone which announced Monday 2,000 job cuts, including 400 to 500 in France, to improve its “profitability”, another heavyweight of the CAC40 engages. And not just any: Total takes a departure plan out […]

RI Will Have Giant Oil and Gas Block Near South China Sea

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesia has discovered a large hydrocarbon potential near the South China Sea, namely in Natuna waters with the East Natuna Block which has been discovered since 1973. Unmitigated, its potential reaches 222 trillion cubic feet (TCF). In fact, the Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities (SKK Migas) […]

In the fourth oil cycle, more than 40 blocks will be offered-ANH | Economy

The country continues at a firm pace with the roadmap that it drew up in its task of reactivating the nation’s oil industry. (Read: Ecopetrol and the ANH start a new exploratory campaign) The National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) is preparing the four cycle of the Permanent Process of Allocation of Areas (PPAA), which will be […]

World oil prices accelerated the fall

The cost of futures contracts for the delivery of Brent crude in December decreased by 2.68% Oil prices are dropping amid investor fears over the spread of the coronavirus in the US and Europe and the rapid resumption of production in Libya. Global oil prices accelerated their decline in stock trading on Monday 26 October. […]

“We are in a race against time”

Following the sinking of the ship Grande America, two oil slicks drifted west of the French coasts. Review of all pollution risks and monitoring of operations with Nicolas Tamic, operations manager at Cedre. Nicolas TamicCedar operations manager Actu-environnement: After a fire, the ship Grande America sank in 4,600 m of depth, Tuesday March 12, letting […]

more than 1,000 tonnes of hazardous materials in the ocean

The figures make shudder and give an idea of ​​the gigantism of the ships which cross the oceans. The Atlantic Maritime Prefecture unveiled, Thursday March 21, the contents of the cargo of the Grande America which sank in the Atlantic on March 12, after a fire on board. The Italian ship was carrying 365 containers, […]

Hamburg: Confusion about CBD hype – lawyer clears up

Everyone is talking about it, although it was banned at the last minute. The CBD burger at “Otto’s Burger” in Hamburg is now not allowed to be sold – while the CBD oil from the company “Vaay” can be widely advertised in the Hanseatic city and ordered online without any problems. How can that be? […]