2 Reasons RI Has Not Been Buying Russian Oil Finally Revealed

Jakarta – Indonesia has not yet purchased oil from Russia. There are two reasons why Indonesia has not bought Russian oil, which is said to be cheap. First, there is no such cheap oil product. “No one has bought it yet because the goods don’t exist yet,” said Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Arifin […]

Bispin Global: A strong presence for virtual real estate in the UAE using “Metaverse”

Abu Dhabi – Mubasher: Bispin Global – Middle East and Africa announced that virtual real estate has registered a strong presence using Metaverse technologies in the UAE as one of the most important Metaverse applications. She explained that this achievement in the field of “Metaverse” technologies is in line with the UAE Strategy for Artificial […]

Oil falls on fears of a slump in demand

Oil prices ended sharply lower on Thursday 15 September on a market which fears a slump in demand in the coming months due to the current economic slowdown. >> Oil: Brent at more than 106 USD in London >> OPEC+ will slightly increase its oil production >> Oil: Brent down to 94 USD Installations of […]

Saudi Arabia .. From oil to water! – Saudi News

During the past weeks, the world’s concern has emerged about an energy crisis that has become everyone’s obsession. Perhaps humanity has not experienced a crisis of this magnitude in more than a hundred years. The most amazing thing is that everyone was waiting for a water war, so he was in a deadly war over […]

List of Countries of Origin for Oil Imports in RI

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) opens RI import option oil from Russia in the midst of a surge in world crude oil prices. According to Jokowi, the country is reviewing a number of options to obtain oil at a lower price. “We always monitor all options. If there are countries (and) they […]