Pokatim experts called 5 reasons to buy a VAZ-2114

The car attracts efficiency, reliable engines and stylish design. Photo: VAZ-2114, source: AvtoVAZ “Chetyrku” is not in vain called a car for young people – as a rule, novice drivers get behind the wheel of a five-door hatchback. This factor is due to the fact that it is not so pathetic to damage the car, […]

How to lose weight and increase life expectancy with diet

When we consider the possibility of undergoing a process of weight loss, a wide range of possibilities opens up before us. If our idea is to search the internet we will find millions of weight loss tricks that promise great results in no time and with little effort, something that should lead us to doubt […]

Olis Angelats files a creditor contest after firing employees without notice

The Girona company Olis Angelats SL, dedicated to the distribution of oils and drinks in the restaurant sector, has filed a creditors’ contest. The Official State Gazette published on Thursday the announcement of the insolvency of this company located in the industrial estate of Fornells de la Selva. According to their employees, the company fired […]