[24tp.pl] The lamborghini driver lost his driving license in Zakopane

Residents complained about “roaring” cars on the streets of Zakopane and that their drivers had dangerous races in the center. – Police officers in Zakopane stopped a young lamborghini driver who drove 119 km / h in built-up areas. A man from the Nowy Sącz poviat lost his driving license and got a PLN 400 […]

Miniso online. So you can visit their new online store

Drafting Mexico City / 05/20/2020 12:19:44 The Japanese chain of accessories stores Miniso brought forward the launch of its online store, where it currently offers free shipping in the face of isolation due to the increase in cases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which led them to temporarily close their units. “Our physical store sales have […]

The Chinese market is giving Nintendo good results with rising numbers

The sales in China of Nintendo with its Switch console They are being positive and showing upward progress since their debut at the end of 2019 by Tencent thanks to the agreement signed between Nintendo and the Chinese giant. Shuntaro Furukawa, Nintendo president has explained to investors that game sales in the Chinese market are […]

Russia celebrates Museum Night online due to coronavirus pandemic

Rafael M. MañuecoFOLLOW Moscow correspondent Updated:05/17/2020 17:30 save Since yesterday Saturday afternoon, throughout the night and today Sunday the «in RussiaMuseum night», But it is taking place online because its rooms have been closed since March due to the confinement decreed to face COVID-19. To overcome this limitation, Russian museums have programmed activities that are […]

Fintech companies seek to take advantage of the online boom to attract new businesses

While, Alexander Melhem, country manager of Mercado Pago (the other giant in the sector), referred to some of the changes that this company introduced since the confinement began: “We launched the ‘Friends’ function that allows you to transfer money and make collections to share expenses or buy presents; We promote a series of discount campaigns […]

Ikea negotiates to open an interior design and online sales store in Alicante

The Swedish furniture multinational Ikea negotiates to open in Alicante an interior design and online sales store, a new line of business that lacks exposed furniture. To this end, the firm seeks premises from 80 and 120 square meters where you can receive customers, as well as buy furniture and other items through catalogs and […]

Beverage delivery service Bottle Post.de expands to Essen

Eat. Ordering drinks at the click of a mouse: The start-up message in a bottle now also supplies customers in Essen. Other beverage retailers are also experimenting. The bottled beverage start-up is currently stirring up the German beverage trade and is looking for rapid growth. For a few days now, Essen has also been part […]