Match Prabowo-Ganjar |

Jokowi Matches Prabowo-Ganjar ©2022 – Rising from his seat, Prabowo Subianto immediately take a perfect attitude while being respectful. His name was mentioned by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) at Perindo’s 8th Anniversary on Monday 7 November 2022. Prabowo was teased twice Jokowi in the event. First because of his position as Minister of […]

Stock market inputs on Spotify for Semperit, Marinomed, S Immo, European Lithium, Netflix, VIG, Krypto-Panik, FTX, among others

11/17/2022, 8120 characters A selection from the editors of and Vienna Stock Exchange Plausch S3/47: Risk warning Semperit, watch out Marinomed and S Immo, water share European LithiumThe Wiener Börse Pläusche are a podcast project by Christian Drastil Comm. Under the motto “Market & Me” Christian Drastil reports on daily events at the […]

a famous painting by Gustav Klimt, sprayed with black oil

The wave of attacks that associations against climate change have launched in recent weeks against the main works of art in the world has not finished. The last canvas that has suffered an attack has been Death and Lifea famous oil painting by the Austrian modernist Gustav Klimt which is exhibited in the Leopold Museum […]

UN climate summit Sharm el-Sheikh needs ‘real breakthrough’ – Climate –

13.11.2022 14:03 (Akt. 14.11.2022 05:48) The climate summit is currently taking place in Egypt. ©AP After the first week of negotiations at the UN climate change conference COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, these will be handed over from the official level into the hands of the political actors from Monday. In any case, NGO representatives are […]

Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank and Co: Declining construction financing

Real estate has experienced a real boom in recent years and thus also brought the banks a high volume of construction financing. But now this record hunt is probably over in view of the latest interest rate development. Financial institutions such as Commerzbank or Deutsche Bank are threatened with a massive slump in this segment. […]

Kinds of Diseases in the Rainy Season, UMA Info Page all – During the rainy season, there are many diseases that stalk us. One of the common ones is cough, runny nose and fever. In addition, puddles and floods occur in many places during the rainy season. Not only interfere with comfort and cleanliness, but also have an impact on health. But there are also […]

Fiberglass nails can cause fungus and infections

Stretches with fiberglass promise to keep the nail enameled for longer, ensuring a natural appearance, in addition to allowing modeling according to the customer’s taste: square, round or the famous stiletto, that is, with a sharp tip. However, infections caused by the technique raised questions about the safety of the method. After all, how can […]