Clive Cussler, Million Adventure Writer for sale, Dies at 88 – NBC Los Angeles

Clive Cussler, the adventure writer and real-life explorer who sells personal data and fantastic fantasies in their novels is turning a page about an underwater explorer Dirk Pitt, after his death. Alexis Welby, spokesman for publisher Cussler, says Penguin Random House, that he died Monday in his house in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was 88. The […]

California to apologize for the internment of Japanese Americans – NBC Los Angeles

American Les Ouchida was born just outside the capital of California, but his citizenship was not much after Japan’s Pearl Harbor and the US broke into war. Based on his single Japanese ancestry, the 5-year-old and his family were taken from their home in 1942 and imprisoned in Arkansas. They were among 120,000 Japanese Americans […]

Inside the Candies Factory See – NBC Los Angeles

What to Know Candies See’s has the busiest day of year onFeb 13, located in South San Francisco, the day before Valentine’s Day This starts making their sweet hearts covered with chocolate after Christmas, and generates thousands of thousands in a few months. While many of San Francisco’s South factory are automated, some candies are […]