“World Mental Health Day” is an important occasion than ever before

It may seem reprehensible or unknown to many, but there is a World Mental Health Day, scheduled for October 10 every year. While many people wonder about the goal of this day, when reading the figures related to mental health worldwide issued by the World Health Organization and other institutions concerned with this field, we […]

Risky bet on the recovery of the oil market

Oil production in Saudi Arabia The crude oil market is currently unpredictable. (Photo: George Steinmetz / Agency Focus) Frankfurt Once again, the OPEC oil cartel is in a difficult position: just at the moment when the producing countries want to relax their unprecedented restrictions on oil production, the number of Covid 19 cases is rising […]

Oil: OPEC + begins the second phase of production reduction

The 23 countries signatory to the Declaration of Cooperation begin, at the beginning of July, the second phase of production decline to support black gold prices, in application of the OPEC agreement last April. >> Oil: doubts about world demand weigh down on crude oil prices >> Oil: OPEC + extends drastic cuts in production […]

A race against the drug “Remdisfer” after Washington bought huge quantities of it

The United States’ purchase of huge quantities of an effective drug to treat some of the symptoms of “corona” has caused concern in some quarters, as countries seek to obtain doses. The South Korean Medicines Control Authority said yesterday (Wednesday) that Seoul began distributing the remediffer drug for the treatment of Covid-19, which received a […]

US Stocks Decrease, Moving Oil Prices

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Oil data releases by the Uncle Sam’s State Industry Association (API) responded positively by the market. On Wednesday (1/7/2020) morning the price of crude oil for busy contracts traded strengthened. At 08.50 WIB the price of Brent crude oil futures rose 1.39% to US $ 41.72 / barrel. At the same […]

‘Duet’ Corona-IMF Virus Feels Worried, Oil Prices Pressure

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – World crude oil prices weakened this week, stopping the pace of impressive increases since late April. There is a risk of spread of the second wave of disease pandemic due to corona virus (Covid-19) and the International Monetary Fund (International Monetary Fund/IMF) which once again cut the forecast for global economic […]

Block the cold of the size of a “volleyball” falls in Argentina

Block the cold of the size of a “volleyball” falls in Argentina Friday – 8 Ramadan 1441 e – 01 May 2020 W number [ 15130] Block the record Cairo: Hazem Bader Hit a thunderstorm piercing the center of “Villa Carlos Paz” Argentina about two years ago with a Cold, found a research team, an […]