Banks launched transfers from companies to citizens by phone number :: Finance :: RBC

When are b2c translations needed? The new functionality can be used for any targeted transfers from companies to individuals, for example, to transfer cash prizes for participating in contests and promotions or income from investments, says Emelyanova. Through SBP, people will also be able to receive money when selling a car at car dealerships, in […]

Process, risks and costs of the cosmetic surgery

Drooping eyelids are usually operated on for aesthetic reasons. In some cases, however, the operation may also be necessary from a medical point of view. Find out here when an operation on the drooping eyelids makes sense and how it works. What are drooping eyelids and eye bags? “You look tired” – some people hear […]

Virtual reality for broadcast surgeries in real live medical students

If a medical student got to see a surgery using Virtual Reality, as if I had the eyes of the surgeon, you could learn a lot more than watching presentations of a PowerPoint. We are in a phase in which there is that to avoid the crowds, the approach with other human beings, and that […]

Former Girona ex Paco Esteban is being investigated in Operation Oikos

The Oikos Case over illegal betting and tricks in football matches remains open. This afternoon, the content of some whatsapp messages was revealed between one of the leaders of the plot, Carlos Aranda, and the former Girona 2008-09 player, Paco Esteban. In the conversation, Aranda allegedly urged Paco Esteban to contact Getafe striker Jorge Molina […]

America. Nicolás Castillo admits that he is afraid to play again

Editorial Half-time Mexico City / 05/14/2020 21:23:26 Despite all the health adversities it has had in 2020 after the thrombosis in his right leg and the long recovery he is in, the striker Nicolás Castillo He pointed out that although his life was in danger and right now he is not in a position to […]

it affects not only the lungs, but the whole body

The first 10 days after the onset of symptoms of the disease, the 38-year-old American was feeling quite well. He was not at risk; he had no chronic diseases. – The man was examined, the disease was mild. The patient had a slight cough. Therefore, he was sent home for treatment, ”says the head of […]

Edwin Congo was arrested in Spain in an operation against drug trafficking

Francisco Henao May 12, 2020 – 10:40 a.m. m. 2020-05-12 By: Colombian Edwin Congo, who was a member of Real Madrid, was reportedly detained in Spain on Tuesday in an operation against drug trafficking. The news was given by the journalist of the La Sexta program, Manuel Marlasca, who confirmed that together with the […]