HidrateSpark 3 – I drink water, water for sure

We tested a Bluetooth smartphone connected to your phone that calculates how much you should drink per day and also indicates that you should not forget about fluid intake. Introduction, what is it? Patrick Bateman drinks nearly twenty gallons of Evian water a day American psychoin, that’s partly why it feels shitty (sic!) but looks […]

Survivor tells how she covered herself with blood – Noticieros Televisa

A 11 year old girl what survived to slaughter at a school Uvalde Elementary, Texasdescribed in video testimony to Congress how covered himself with the blood of a dead comrade to avoid being shot and “I stayed put.” We recommend you: Matthew McConaughey Delivers Emotional White House Speech for Uvalde Shooting Victims Miah Cerrilloa fourth-grade […]

“Most windmill blades are burned” – Southwest

Many wind turbines are currently being replaced. Andreas Markowsky from the green electricity group Freiburg, which currently operates 30 systems, explains what happens to the old wind turbines from the region. BZ: Have you already dismantled old systems? Markowsky: A whole series, ten pieces in all. Recently in Kippenheim we were even able to sell […]

Russia and Belarus have received severe sanctions from Taiwan

The island nation is hitting where it can hurt the most, quasi-executing the IT industries of the two states. Russia launched a war against Ukraine on February 24, in which Belarus also played a part, and this act has already been sanctioned by many countries around the world. Among the latter, Taiwan has now entered […]

Altri makes fifth price increase this year – Industry

Altri will again increase the price of paper pulp, in what is the fifth increase this year, said an official source of the company. The Portuguese group will once again follow the decision taken by Brazilian producer Suzano, which has already informed customers in Europe of a price increase of US$50 per ton for sales […]

after a collision with another car, she ends up in the field

Published on Sunday, May 29, 2022 at 7:57 p.m. Par L.B. A Lamborghini and another car collided this Sunday at the end of the afternoon on the chaussée de Tirlemont, in Vinalmont (Wanze). There are two injured. This Sunday afternoon, a traffic accident occurred on the Chaussée de Tirlemont in Wanze, opposite the “Franck” clothing […]

Altri’s profit increases 144.8% with high prices and increased demand – Indústria

In the first three months of this year, Altri recorded profits of 29.8 million euros, an increase of 144.8% compared to the 12.2 million euros recorded in the first quarter of 2021, without GreenVolt, which is now considered “discontinued operation” in terms of reporting financial information. In a statement, the group adds that total revenues […]

Altri sets final cash dividend at 24 cents – Dividends

Altri begins on Wednesday to remunerate shareholders and this Tuesday made a correction to the amount it will pay in cash. The company will deliver 43.27% of the capital it holds directly in GreenVolt, in a total of 52,523,229 shares, and will also pay a cash dividend of 0.24 euros gross per share. For payment […]