Shocking scientific discovery about Jupiter

Jupiter’s atmosphere is the largest in the solar system, consisting mostly of hydrogen and helium molecules in roughly solar proportions. Shocking scientific discovery about Jupiter Japanese scientists have detected an unexpected heat wave in the atmosphere of Jupiter.The website “phys” reported that scientists at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency made this discovery. The heat wave […]

Find out what the James Webb Space Telescope spotted on Mars

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has released its first images of Mars, providing a more detailed look at the red planet’s atmosphere. By sunshine. The first web images of Mars were captured by the Near Infrared Camera (NIRCam), which depicts a region of the planet’s eastern hemisphere at two different wavelengths, or infrared […]

US to resume International Space Station flights with Russia

loading… US to resume international space station flights with Russia PHOTO/Reuters WASHINGTON – United States of America (USA) stated on Friday (15/7/2022), that they will resume flights to the International Space Station with Russia despite attempts to isolate Moscow over the invasion of Ukraine. “To ensure the safe operation of the International Space Station, protect […]

Hubble Space Telescope Captures Unusual Multi-Galaxy Merge

(Image: Dark Energy Survey) Collising galaxies Photo:( Others ) JAKARTA, The Hubble Space Telescope has captured the stunning galaxy CGCG 396-2. NASA share details about the unusual multi-weapon galaxy merger. The US space agency’s official website says that the galaxy captured by Hubble is located 520 million light years from Earth in the direction […]

Mix! The Effect of the Tonga Eruption Reaches the Edge of Outer Space

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Scientists from the University of Bath say that the underwater volcanic eruption of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai that occurred in January 2022 was the most explosive volcanic event in the modern era. The study, published in the journal Nature, said the eruption that occurred at Hunga Tonga produced a vertical plume that […]

Outer Space Missions, Move and Live on Mars, Can You Really?

JOURNAL OF GARUT – One of the space missions that has been carried out for decades is exploring the planet Mars. One of the desires of space exploration is to look for the possibility of life on Mars. It also calculates the possibility of humans moving and living on Mars. But there are important conditions […]

Astra Rocket Fails to Deliver Two NASA Satellites to Orbit

The upper stage of the Astra rocket shut down before delivering the payload to orbit.Photo: NASA NASA lost two small satellites on Sunday after a rocket malfunctioned en route to orbit. The two TROPICS CubeSats were the first pair of a six-satellite constellation designed to study tropical cyclones, but the space agency is still hoping […]

The James Webb Space Telescope releases its first realistic images on July 12

NASA launched the James Webb Space Telescope with the aim of looking back in time to the dawn of the universe and capturing what happened just a few hundred million years after the Big Bang event, which scientists think is the beginning of the world’s formation, and currently, six months after the launch of the […]