This is what happens when the moon moves away from the Earth

Bandung – The moon is a natural satellite of the Earth that has been circling each other for billions of years. However, the orbits of these two bodies have changed over time Quoted from detikInet, The moon is getting farther away from Earth. The absence of the Moon near Earth means that humans will one […]

Scientists Condemn Ancient Human Fossils Flown into Space

Jakarta – A mission from the American space aviation company Virgin Galactic recently drew criticism, especially from scientific circles, because they carried the remains of two extinct hominins into space. Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, South Africa, is the custodian of the fossil. Some researchers celebrated the event as ‘a first in history’ and ‘a high […]

Toyota Creates Unique Vehicle to Explore the Moon

Toyota is creating a lunar exploration vehicle, the Lunar Cruiser. (Photo: X) JAKARTA – Toyota is creating a lunar exploration vehicle, the Lunar Cruiser, which is powered by innovative technology. The Lunar Cruiser is planned to begin being sent to the Moon in 2029. The Lunar Cruiser can carry two people for up to 42 […]

This Meteorite Is Suspected Could Reveal the Formation of the Solar System

Jakarta – Analysis of the meteorite, named Erg Chech 002, reveals that this object is the oldest volcanic rock ever found, far surpassing anything from Earth. The findings also provide evidence that some of the early parts of the Solar System were much richer in the isotopes responsible for most of the heat than other […]

Water vapor traced hundreds of kilometers from Saturn’s moon

CNN Indonesia Wednesday, 24 May 2023 19:00 WIB Illustration. Experts have detected bursts of hot water on Enceladus, which is one of Saturn’s satellites. (AFP PHOTO/NASA) Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Telescope James Webb (JWST) caught water vapor emitting on one of the Planet’s satellites Saturn, Enceladus. Where does the water come from? Launch […]

The Hope Probe monitors data for the entire “Deimos”.

normal revealed physical properties May 6, 2023 00:48 am Dubai: Yamama BadwanThe Emirates Mars Exploration Project announced that the “Hope Probe” was able to monitor unprecedented spectral data, in infrared, for almost the entire surface of “Deimos”, using the infrared spectrometer (EMIRS), which revealed temperature differences, along with a description The physical properties of the […]

Astronomers detect 25 fast radio waves from outer space

Written by Amira Shehata Saturday, April 29, 2023 06:00 AM Scientists have detected 25 mysterious “fast radio bursts” from outer space. These waves of powerful radiation were captured by the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Telescope (CHIME) between 2019 and 2021. According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, it is not currently known what […]

Stunned Scientists Find 25 Mysterious Cosmic Explosions in Outer Space

Astronomers were surprised to find 25 repeated super-energetic cosmic explosions or what are commonly called fast radio bursts (FRBs). Photo/Space/Jingchuan Yu, Beijing Planetarium TORONTO – Astronomers were surprised to find 25 explosion recurring super energetic cosmic bursts or what are commonly called fast radio bursts (FRBs). Despite this extraordinary power, the origins of the FRB […]