Pablo Escobar

With phrases from Pablo Escobar, they question Mayor Daniel Quintero

On his twitter account, the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, shared a video that was recorded from a car in the complex where the president, his wife and their two minor daughters live. The video is accompanied by a message from the mayor in which he assures that “ the corrupt class that wants to … Read more

Famous wall where the treasure of Pablo Escobar’s drug cartel was found, called it smells so bad that people disappear every time they enter the place

Sosok.ID – Pablo Escobar is a famous drug kingpin from Colombia. He was so corrupt beyond the officials of his own country that he could control the Colombian government. But the drug lord’s fate ended when he was shot dead by police on the roof tiles of his house. Also read: Not Halu, these countries … Read more

Carlos Villagrán confesses the millionaire job offer that Pablo Escobar made him: ” My body froze, I did not expect such a thing ” – Ten

Carlos Villagrán, Mexican actor who gave life to the character of ‘Quico’ in the Chavo del 8, revealed a few days ago in an interview with the chain America TV Argentina, which in the eighties was approached by people from Medellin Cartel when he was in Colombia for a work tour. Quico, the childhood idol … Read more

Maluma surprises with statements about Pablo Escobar and Medellín

The Colombian singer, Maluma, who recently premiered his new musical work ‘Papi Juancho’, spoke about Pablo Escobar and his relationship with Medellín. At 26 years of age, el paisa is one of the most recognized artists worldwide, which is why he is one of the most influential figures on social media. Look also “I think … Read more

Maluma spoke with renowned magazine about his song with Madonna

The Colombian musician Maluma became the cover of the most recent edition of Variety magazine, one of the most recognized entertainment publications in the world, in which he shared his license to record the song ‘Medellín’, alongside Madonna; although she also spoke of her childhood, the dreams and challenges she has overcome over the years. … Read more