Land Forces Commander Gen. Umit Dundar painful day

Semiha Dündar (87), who lived in Utku Mahallesi in Şehzadeler district of Manisa, passed away in her home yesterday evening due to her illness. (PHOTO: UAV) Commander of the Land Forces, Gen. Ümit Dündar, who received the news of the pain, came to Manisa and accepted condolences. A ceremony was held for Semiha Dündar at […]

A political song is stirring Poland up

Under pressure: Kaczynski during a parliamentary debate in Warsaw in mid-May. Picture: EPA “Your pain is better than mine,” sings Kazik Staszewski, one of the most successful pop musicians in Poland – criticizing PiS chairman Kaczynski. How a song sparked political turmoil. EIn simple song, performed in the style of Warsaw pre-war street chapels for […]

Singapore. Capital punishment pronounced by Zoom

A Singapore court sentenced a man to the death penalty through the Zoom videoconference app, a city-first for many people who have been widely criticized by human rights defenders. Drug traffic Malaysian drug trafficker Punithan Genasan was sentenced to death by hanging on Friday during a remote hearing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, […]

There are over 5,400 cryptocurrencies – is it worth investing in?

To see basic information on the others (known as AltCoins for “alternative coins”) the reference site is, which tells you how much they are trading, the amount in circulation and in which markets they are available to be purchased. . There are many tokens and cryptocurrencies Blockchain technology, which made the birth of Bitcoin […]

Pain on the poor bank of the Thames

The Excel conference center, where governments, agencies and tourism professionals meet or display their offerings at the World Travel Market, one of the most important annual fairs in Europe, is now an empty shell, after the hospital closure campaign mounted by the British Army. Covid-19 supplemental sick beds were not required. And that despite the […]

Worth it | The mail

Perhaps this pandemic serves at least to give importance to values ​​that previously seemed guaranteed. This is the case of culture, a necessary good that has a cost many times borne in a high percentage by public budgets. Tocqueville explained the prevalence of private patronage in the United States by referring to the provision This […]

Holland coach Ronald Koeman in the hospital after heart surgery

DDutch football coach Ronald Koeman has had a heart operation. Koeman had to undergo an intervention with a cardiac catheter that had been successful, the royal Dutch football association KNVB said on Sunday evening. The condition of the 57-year-old is stable, his manager Rob Jansen told the Dutch TV station NOS. According to the manager’s […]

Bladder cancer: risk factors, symptoms, treatment

Bladder cancer is one of the most insidious cancers. A malignant tumor can grow unnoticed in the bladder for years. A urologist explains how you can recognize the disease early. People in this country are diagnosed with bladder cancer more than 29,000 times a year. It is treacherous that the tumor causes hardly any clear […]