Covid-19: five questions on the use of midazolam and Rivotril in nursing homes

The France 3 magazine “Pièces à conviction” devoted its last issue on Wednesday November 18 to the situation of nursing homes particularly affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. In a short excerpt highlighted by the channel before the broadcast, our colleagues focused on the use of two drugs in the context of palliative care in nursing […]

Grief over the death of the filmmaker and former national senator Pino Solanas

Political, union and cultural leaders from various sectors fired yesterday with affection the filmmaker, former national senator and former ambassador to UNESCO, Fernando ‘Pino’ Solanas, who died in France due to coronavirus, and recalled “his art and his militancy”, as well as his “commitment and generosity.” “Huge pain for Pino Solanas. He died in the […]

Auchan, Carrefour, Picard, Lidl … more than 170 contaminated products are recalled

Receive all the news Practical life After a first recall in mid-October 2020, new products containing sesame seeds contaminated by a carcinogenic pesticide have just been withdrawn from the shelves of several supermarkets or specialized stores. Those who have recently purchased products containing sesame should be careful, especially since sesame is sometimes a hidden ingredient. […]

DISEASES to which we are exposed in the means of …

Here they are contagious diseases in public transport, according to rubella – mild fever, cough, pharyngitis, headache, malaise, rash in the form of pink spots. Chickenpox – fever, fatigue, decreased appetite, headache, sore throat, itchy rash. measles – fever, cough, the presence of small white spots on the cheek mucosa, red rash. Scarlatina – […]

Onion tea. Benefits and contraindications. Recipes for …

Onion tea. History and origins Onions have been cultivated and used since antiquity. Wild onion tea was used by Blackfeet mothers to transfer its beneficial properties to their babies. Instead, the Cheyenne tribe used onion tea to reduce headaches. Onion tea. Health benefits The phytochemicals in onion tea such as disulfides, trisulfides, cepaene and vinyl-dithiine […]

to have a hydrated, well-groomed and beautiful skin

Care and hydration are the essential steps for the skin to be healthy, and its radiance to give well-being and beauty …. TIS Farmaceutic specialists have managed, by combining the specifics of the traditional Romanian pharmacy with the innovation of modern galenics, to create lines of dermocosmetic products with visible effect, fine textures and beneficial […]

The spiritual causes of disease. For those who believe or accept

How long can we live with this acceptance when we are in the midst of a disease and face its unpleasant or even devastating symptoms? How much it helps us to understand these new approaches to the spiritual causes of our diseases. Although it seems difficult, when you accept that there is something else behind […]