they found the head on a stake

Swedish scientists discovered the Stone Age skull in 2018, and two years later they reveal what its face would be like, according to a computerized reconstruction. 8,000 years ago, a man’s head was placed on a stake, for unknown reasons. That skull was discovered two years ago in Sweden, and in 2020 we know what […]

Scientists say TRex was more an endurance specialist than a speed champion

During the Mesozoic era, theropod dinosaurs, the majority of which were predators, were at the top of the food chain pyramid. Being able to weigh between 200 grams and 9 tonnes depending on their breed, the smallest of them were particularly agile, which allowed them to easily hunt their prey. But as demonstrated by a […]

One in a million: find a strange super-earth towards the center of our galaxy

Illustration of the inferred size of another super-earth (center) compared to the land and Neptune. Astronomers at the University of Canterbury found an incredibly rare new super-earth toward the center of our galaxy. This would be one of the few that has been discovered with a size and orbit similar to Earth. The details were […]

This was the most dangerous place in the dinosaur era

100 million years ago, the Moroccan Sahara was not what it is today. A study published recently in the scientific journal ZooKeys found that it was the most dangerous place on Earth in the dinosaur era. The team of scientists who made this discovery was led by Dr. Nizar Ibrahim, of the University of Detroit […]

A hummingbird-sized dinosaur stands 99 million years in amber

About 99 million years ago, while large dinosaurs walked freely on Earth, a small prehistoric bird stayed trapped in the resin. His remains, trapped in a drop of amber, have survived to this day, offering us an image so far of what could be the smallest vertebrate in the Mesozoic. The analysis of this fossil […]

Neanderthals exploited the sea like sapiens

A stash of marine debris in a portuguese cave has further shortened the alleged capacity gap between Neanderthals and modern humans (homo sapiens). Hundreds of shells and remains of crustaceans, fish and marine mammals have appeared in the cave of Figueira Brava, near Lisbon, according to an article published today in the magazine ‘Science’. That […]

Remains of a rain forest discovered near the South Pole

Artistic image of what the South Pole looked like during the Cretaceous.Illustration: Alfred-Wegener-Institut / J. McKay During the Cretaceous period, a forest grew less than 1000 kilometers from the South Pole, according to new research that has managed to discover remains of spores and ancient roots in this area. Millions of years ago, Earth’s atmosphere […]

three species of men in South Africa 2 million years ago

Published on : 04/02/2020 – 21:18Modified : 04/02/2020 – 22:03 It is a discovery which reshuffles some cards and which has the merit of taking us very far from the coronavirus. In South Africa, two million years ago, researchers discovered the presence of Homo erectus, one of our ancestors, and, a priori unique, it shared […]