For iPhone owners.. 4 voice commands for Siri make your life easier

Tell me – If you own an iPhone, issuing Siri voice commands is a quick way to get things done, but many people don’t make good use of this feature, so we’ll review the top 4 Siri voice commands that will make your life easier. It should be noted that some of these Siri voice […]

Israelis Blame Ben-Gvir for Shooting at Jerusalem Synagogue

Rewrite this content loading… Israelis blame Itamar Ben-Gvir for the shooting at the Jerusalem synagogue. Photo/New Arabic TEL AVIV – Minister of Security Israel Itamar Ben-Gvir was criticized by Jewish settlers after visiting the site of a deadly shooting in occupied East Jerusalem on Friday night. According to Israeli media, settlers hold Ben-Gvir responsible for […]

Israel raid leaves nine Palestinians dead in West Bank

Rewrite this content World Jenin, West Bank January 26, 2023 Israeli forces killed at least nine Palestinians and wounded about 20 others during a raid on the Jenin refugee camp, a troubled area in the occupied West Bank. The Conference online Associated Press and and more content about Israel raid leaves nine Palestinians dead in […]

Not Iran and Palestine, But This Is Israel’s Biggest Threat

Rewrite this content loading… Israel’s biggest threat this year is the breakdown of relations with the West. Photos/Illustrations TEL AVIV – The biggest strategic threat currently being faced Israel is the deterioration of its foreign relations, especially with United States of America (US), mainly because of the new government’s attempts to undermine the judiciary. That […]

How to transfer a video from iPhone to computer

Rewrite this content Many people want to transfer the videos they shoot on their mobile phone to their computer to make appropriate adjustments and then publish them on various social networking sites. But how do you transfer a video from an iPhone to a computer? How to transfer a video from an iPhone to a […]

40 Countries Urge Israel to Lift Palestinian Authority Sanctions

NEW YORK – About 40 countries have urged Israel to lift the sanctions imposed on the Palestinian Authority earlier this month. The sanctions were imposed in retaliation for pushing for the UN’s top court to vote on the Israeli occupation. On December 30, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution seeking opinions from the International […]

Israeli forces attack Palestinians celebrating Moroccan victory

World News Israeli forces attack Palestinians celebrating Moroccan victory Tel Aviv: Israeli forces attacked Palestinians celebrating Morocco’s victory over Portugal in the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Qatar. The Israeli police unleashed violence against the Palestinians who were celebrating the Moroccan victory in Jerusalem on Saturday evening and beat them. The video footage is […]