First mother-daughter duo graduates from medical school at the same hospital and at the same time | medical | Medicine | Louisiana State University

This duo of African American mother and daughter made history by graduating together from medical school. In addition, both were assigned to the same hospital system to complete their residences. Dr. Cynthia Kudji Sylvester, 49, and her daughter, Dr. Jasmine Kudji, 26, were offered places on the health campus of Louisiana State University (LSU), the […]

English tourists cancel trips and stays in the Algarve

© Lusa (file) ByMaria Augusta Casaca 07 July, 2020 • 15:15 Before the British government’s decision was announced, tourists from the United Kingdom were canceling trips to the Algarve. The president of the Regional Tourism Authority of the Algarve (ERTA) has an explanation: “the fact that in the British media is being announced two weeks […]

Fauci says the United States is still buried ″ to the knees ″ in the first wave

The United States is still buried “knee deep” in the first wave of covid-19 and must act immediately to combat the recent increase in new cases, the country’s leading infectious disease expert, Anthony Fauci, said on Monday. The expert said the number of cases of the infection never reached a satisfactory baseline before the current […]

‘Stock of HIV inhibitors is shrinking due to logistical problems’

The worldwide corona crisis is endangering the fight against HIV / AIDS. The World Health Organization (WHO) warned about this on Monday, after an inventory of the available stocks of HIV inhibitors in 144 countries. Stocks of these ‘life-saving medicines’ are shrinking rapidly, WHO reports. In 24 countries, there is now a ‘critically low’ quantity, […]

Health wants to prevent doctors from working outside the province

The pandemic turned various problems that existed prior to the virus white to black. The working conditions of doctors is one of these issues: low wages force them to have several jobs, sometimes in different provinces, and this coming and going increases the risk of contracting coronavirus. The province’s Ministry of Health is looking for […]

Horror fans handle the pandemic better. They are allegedly done for fear

“If it’s a good film, it draws you into the action, so you look at the issue from the perspective of the characters and subconsciously consider different scenarios,” says psychologist Coltan Scrivner of the University of Chicago. “We think people learn through character behavior. For example, they knew what to buy in the quarantine, “says […]