Five questions about the new COVID-19 vaccine

Starting this week, Puerto Ricans have access to the new vaccine against COVID-19, a different formulation from those until now manufactured and authorized to be administered by the federal government. On this occasion, the vaccine is already on the market, and is received at times of “pandemic fatigue”, so the challenge for health authorities on […]

Could a lethal virus become a new pandemic and reach Brazil?

Photo: Disclosure Nipah virus worries Indian authorities due to its lethality. Advertising The Nipah virus worries authorities in India after another outbreak in the southern region of the country. The government declared lockdown in several villages in the state of Kerala to try to contain the virus. Since 2018, there have been four outbreaks of […]

Deputy Narmatova criticized partner childbirth. The Ministry of Health replied that they have not been conducting them since the pandemic

Health Minister Alymkadyr Beishenaliev said that he had banned partner births in state maternity hospitals, answering a question from deputy Nadira Narmatova. According to her, men should not be allowed into the delivery room during childbirth – this is prohibited among both Muslims and Christians. She claims that partner childbirth was popularized by “all sorts […]

WHO warns that only 58% of the world’s population has a booster dose

Regarding vaccine coverage, Dr. Kerkhove detailed, during the WHO press conference this Thursday, that, although they do not have data for all countries, “the coverage of the primary series worldwide is around 82 percent in the older age groups” while, in the booster dose, “this figure is around 58 percent, but in Africa only eight […]

The Corona chlorine in the Stuttgart sewage treatment plant works | Regional

Stuttgart – What is currently being measured in the sewage treatment plant should not be overlooked! The city has reactivated the Corona clorakel! Since last week, the employees of wastewater laboratory boss Peter Schilling (61) have been measuring the virus load in the Stuttgart-Mühlhausen sewage treatment plant. The health department started this project last year. […]

What is this summer flu?

What is this summer flu? However, in the nineteenth century, while people were dying from flu, pneumonia and tuberculosis, infectious diseases could be controlled with diagnosis, medicine and vaccines. Once upon a time, we, as a war-weary and heavily damaged country, were set as an example in the world for our fight against infectious diseases […]