The ‘gaokao’, the Chinese university entrance exam, begins

Newscast 1 The ‘gaokao’ begins, the Chinese selectivity <!–[SEASON] –> In China, the ‘gaokao’, as the university entrance exam is known there, has begun. This year starts with a record number of students: almost… 07/06/2022 00:01:20 <!– [object Object]Cómo se informará esto –> Recommended for ages 7 and up <!– +info –>

Patient advocates are calling for longer isolation for the sick

With a view to autumn, patient advocates are calling for a return to the ten-day isolation requirement for people infected with corona. The reduction to just five days fuels the uncontrolled spread of the virus, said the board member of the German Foundation for Patient Protection, Eugen Brysch, to the newspapers of the Funke Medientruppe […]

West dark, east bright – Corona splits Germany – domestic politics

This is where you will find content from social networks In order to interact with or display content from social networks, we need your consent. activate social networks When looking at the German Corona map of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) one thing stands out: as if the wall were still standing, the new federal […]

15-year-old hasn’t been to school for seven months

June 28, 2022 at 8:10 am Pandemic in Dusseldorf : Seven months without school – because of Corona Inge L. (here in February) with a fine from the district government. The family has sued. Photo: Anne Orthen (orth)/Anne Orthen (ort) Düsseldorf A high school student from Düsseldorf has not been going to class for seven […]

Comptroller reviews health contract that was expensive and is not working

The Comptroller of Bogota reported on two fiscal findings for more than $7.7 billion after an audit process to the District Health Financial Fund. The first and most important has to do with the service contract of “Contac Center” for the operation of three service lines. According to the entity, these are the line for […]