Velvet – Gum Sugar – Arnold Schwarzenegger Lens to Capture New Series

The shooting of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first series is in full swing: a Terminatorfor the first time in his life, the film star will be involved in the production of a television production that will run until August 25th. THE Utap The 8-piece Netflix series is expected to be available on the carrier’s website next year. […]

Ge Siqi once again exploded the “Scum King of the Showbiz” because he made a truce and Wang Xiaofei apologized to Zhang Ziyi | Entertainment | CTWANT

Veteran paparazzi reporter Ge Siqi recently broke the evidence of Wang Xiaofei’s “infidelity in marriage”, and the photo of Zhang Yingying, a young lady who was disheveled and drunk, was also exposed. Song’s wedding secrets, and Ariel Lin, who has the title of “Goddess of Zero Negative Comments”, “breaks the rules” and even offends reporters. […]

they capture the actress giving her all with Martín Garrix and Foo Fighters

Mia Khalifa arrived in Chile with Jhay Corteswho had a successful stint on the Lollapalooza 2022 VTR stage. The actress, expected by many, was seen very little by the Cerrillos Bicentennial Park, to where she would have accompanied her singer boyfriend. However, there were lucky ones who did find it. And that the paparazzi enjoyed […]

Amal Clooney dazzled everyone with this completely casual set

They like Amal Clooney a lot because she is very pretty and her dress style is also remarkable. He presented a very super set again these days, but this time he chose an ordinary outfit, but he also painted perfectly in it. One of the trendiest stars Amal Clooney is one of the most stylish […]

Velvet – Gum Sugar – Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler get a lens together

The two actors were captured off the coast of Hawaii by photographers, more specifically Cowardice Murder on the set of the second installment of the hugely successful Netflix film. They started the Cowardice is murder, the original title of the Murder Mystery continuation works. In the second part of the 2019 crime comedy directed by […]

Jennifer Lopez looks perfect even in this unfavorable skirt

Jennifer Lopez provides us with super fashion tips most of the time, but her current compilation didn’t go so well. But since it was about him, of course, even that was perfect for him. He didn’t hit me so much now Recently, Jennifer Lopez was once again captured by paparazzi photographers. The singer-actress was just […]

Alec Baldwin speaks about gunshot tragedy for the first time

Alec Baldwin describes the killed Halyna Hutchins as “my friend”. He doubts that the filming of “Rust” will continue. Alec Baldwin was the first to give paparazzi answers to the Halyna Hutchins tragedy. – Keystone Ad the essentials in brief Alec Baldwin spoke about the gunshot incident for the first time. The chance of such […]

Blake Lively lashes out at paparazzi photographing her kids

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are actively trying to date their three children Inez, James and Betty the public eye hold. That’s almost a day job, because everyone wants to see their famous children. Lively thinks that’s ridiculous and again spoke out about posted photos of her kids. Blake Lively on Posted Photos of Her […]