“We never thought of living through a pandemic that looked like a war”

Today, March 7, marks the three-year anniversary of the confirmation of the first case of COVID-19 in Paraguay and the start of the pandemic that shook the country. To date, the report from the Ministry of Health refers to a total of 808,401 confirmed cases and 19,878 deaths from the disease. “Today 3 years ago […]

German farmers consider the Mercosur agreement to be a threat

The signing of the agreement would create one of the largest free trade zones in the world. But not everyone is enthusiastic about the government’s plans. Düsseldorf. The German Farmers’ Association is concerned about the consequences that the planned trade agreement between the EU and the South American Mercosur countries could have. “German agriculture would […]

“Never seen such a case.” The diagnosis is amazing

When working in hospital, it can happen to come across strange cases. But what happened to Dr Alexander Ginzo in Paraguay it borders on the unbelievable. In fact, he was amazed when a patient showed up at the emergency room with the blue hands. A case that led him to tell […]


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Uruguay snubs Mercosur and announces entry into treaty – 12/01/2022 – Mercado

This Wednesday (1st) Uruguay formally submitted an application to join the CPTPP (Ample and Progressive Agreement on Transpacific Association), formed by 11 countries from Asia and America, including Chile and Peru. The request comes a day after Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay presented a joint text threatening Uruguay to “adopt any measures it deems necessary to […]

Paraguay: VIDEO of the moments of terror inside a plane that lost an engine due to a storm

And airplane of the Latam airline with 48 passengers on board made an emergency landing in Asunción (Paraguay) at midnight on Wednesday without an engine and with serious damage after going through a strong storm, Paraguayan authorities reported Thursday. “The airplane it landed without an engine and with tears in the windshield. The passengers felt […]

Paraguay announces the death of the EPP guerrilla leader in a confrontation with the Army | Osvaldo Villalba was the head of the Paraguayan People’s Army

The president of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benitezconfirmed that The armed forces killed on Sunday in a confrontation the leader of the Paraguayan People’s Army (EPP), Osvaldo Villalba, and to another high-ranking leader of the guerrilla movement, Luciano Argüello. Abdo Benítez confirmed the identity of two of the three killed by the insurgent group in a […]