Kidney diseases – which symptoms show what

Rewrite this content How is the Anatomy of the kidneys? The kidneys are paired organs located in the human body on either side of the spine between the abdominal cavity and the back muscles at the level of the lower ribs. More specifically, between the twelfth thoracic vertebra and the third lumbar vertebra, with the […]

Mr. Dripping: “I spent my summer nights drawing on my grandfather’s porch”

Mark Rios (Barcelona, 1987) is a world-renowned artist. His grandparents, Germán Avilés Moreno, “Germán de Remigio” (1931-2013) and Feliciana Gómez Montero, “Feli” (1932-2021), were the ones who inspired him to pursue his passion for art. He spent his summer nights drawing on his grandfather’s porch, and his aunt Monica was also a great source of […]

In Nice, a house dedicated to the “first 1000 days” opens its doors for families

Young parents in Nice, France can now find advice and support in the “village” dedicated to the well-being of young children, known as the “house of the first 1000 days”. On Thursday, the house opened its doors in the California district of Nice, with an official delegation in attendance. Spanning two floors and 700 m2, […]