Skatepark in the Freiburg Dietenbachpark: opening after expansion South Baden

There has been a skate park in Freiburg’s Dietenbachpark since 2015. Now it has been expanded to 2,400 square meters and officially opened on Friday. According to the city of Freiburg, the implementation of the skate park was possible because of the wide support in the municipal council. The Eugen Martin Foundation also co-financed the […]

Almost died from a selfie: 72-year-old woman was rammed by a bison in Yellowstone

A powerful warning was posted on Yellowstone’s Instagram account. They point out that it is very dangerous to approach wild animals and they reported an accident. It happened recently, the night of June 25 of this year. A 72-year-old California woman approached a bison multiple times. The distance was reckless: it was less than 10 […]

New case of coronavirus in Mayor Buratovich related to the wind farm

A new positive case of coronavirus related to the wind farm occurred in Mayor Buratovich and there are already 5 infected with COVID-19 in that town, as reported by the Municipality of Villarino tonight. “A new case, a resident of Mayor Buratovich, related to Villarino’s first positive cases was confirmed today,” they announced. They indicated […]

They did not mind the curfew … They played a long ass in the park!

The incident took place in a park on Başak Caddesi of the Hüseyingazi neighborhood of Mamak district. A group of young people, mostly young people, ignored the measures taken against the Corona Virus epidemic, came together in the park and started playing the game called “long ass”. The young people continued their games for a […]

Accused of leading the Gezi Park revolt in Turkey acquitted | International

In an unexpected decision, a Turkish court on Tuesday decided to acquit those accused of “leading” the Gezi Park revolt, a wave of protests that shook Turkey in 2013, which had been charged with the crime of “attempting to overthrow the Government”. This decision supposed, in principle, the end of the ordeal for 16 defendants, […]

Space, amusement park for billionaires | Science

In 1954, three years before the Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite into space, Thomas Cook, the world’s oldest travel company, opened a list of reservations for traveling to the Moon. The company promised to provide the tickets as soon as this type of space cruise was technologically possible, but it went bankrupt last […]