Neighbors denounce that Karupana Park became a refuge for homeless people and criminals

The park facilities are a monument to apathy / Photos Otto Irazábal Those traveling to and from the southern area of ​​Carúpano, in the state of Sucre, must pass through Karupana Park. In times past, the facility, located near the judicial circuit and other important public institutions of the Bermúdez municipality, was a road safety […]

Street dweller drowned in the Cravo River in La Iguana Park

On Sunday afternoon, the community informed the Police radio station about the presence of a body which was submerged in an arm of the Cravo Sur River, in the vicinity of La Iguana Park in the city of Yopal. After learning of the situation, homicide personnel went to the scene where they found the body […]

Spectacular “Sandino” fair park in Jinotepe

With the vision of continuing to energize Sandino and the development of the country, the new Sandino fair park is inaugurated, in the city of Jinotepe, departmental capital of Carazo. «It was built in the center historical of Jinotepewhere families will find museum, culture and tradition»said Mariano Madrigalmayor of Jinotepe. The important work comes to […]

He is leaving Prince Park after 11 years. Škriniar will no longer play with the big Parisian figure, her new club is known – Foreign leagues – Football

Italian footballer Marco Verratti has signed a contract with Qatar’s Al-Arabi. Photo: SITA/AP, Aurelien Morissard Marco Verratti (in the middle) in Paris St. Germain. This was announced on Wednesday by his new employer and former club Paris Saint-Germain. The French media reported that the reigning Ligue 1 champion will receive almost 50 million euros from […]

In response to Park Min-sik’s pro-Jae-in father’s pro-Japanese theory, “Bring the facts.”

Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs Park Min-sik suddenly brought up former President Moon Jae-in’s father’s pro-Japanese argument in response to the late General Paik Sun-yup’s pro-Japanese controversy, which eventually led to a criminal complaint for defamation. The People Power Party and Minister Park argue that if former President Moon’s father became the head of […]

A new solar panel park opens in the port of Riga

1,974 solar panels are placed on the roof of the warehouse on the company’s territory with an area of ​​11,600 m². The total capacity of the power station’s inverters is 0.875 MW, and such a power station is capable of providing the consumption of 250 average Latvian households with the energy produced. The new solar […]

Moon Jae-in “‘Father’s pro-Japanese’ Park Min-sik remarks are a complete lie, accusation” The Democratic Party is also outraged

In the process of denying the late General Baek Seon-yeop’s pro-Japanese activities, Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs Park Min-sik said, “If General Baek was pro-Japanese, isn’t former President Moon Jae-in’s father also pro-Japanese?” Former President Moon said that he would sue the minister for defamation, saying that Minister Park had falsely claimed his father’s […]