signed the new Dpcm, what it foresees

The new Dpcm with Covid rules has been signed„ The new Dpcm with the Covid rules was signed just before one in the morning by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and Health Minister Roberto Speranza. The signature came after receiving feedback on the final text of the Government from the Regions, who had asked for a […]

According to personal physician, Donald Trump is no longer contagious

The US president wants to go on an election tour again on Monday – although he was in hospital a week ago. His doctor is behind the decision. But one crucial question remains open. After his Covid 19 illness, US President Donald Trump is no longer contagious, according to his personal doctor. The latest coronavirus […]

The phase of greater individual responsibility begins

T he stage of selective isolation with responsible individual distancing began at 00:00 this Tuesday. This means that there are new sectors that can reopen their doors, after prior authorization from the Mayor’s Office. Although the peak and ID no longer apply, there are restrictions for parties and social events. “The economic reopening does not […]

It is known which parties spent the most in the election campaign – in Latvia – News

Until 24 August, KPV LV has declared financial liabilities of 166,256 euros, GKR – 163,419 euros, and JKP – 157,452 euros. This is followed by the party association “For Development / For! / Progressive” with 135,789 euros in pre-election obligations, “New Unity” – 130,904 euros, the association “For All Latvia” – “For Fatherland and Freedom” […]

Corona: When your private party is allowed – and when not

GHealth Minister Jens Spahn warns against the background of increasing numbers of new corona infections of celebrations as a source of danger. At the same time, reports of “illegal parties” have been in the headlines for weeks. But when is a celebration currently allowed – and when not? What is the difference between the big […]

Distrust in party popularity ratings is growing – in Latvia – News

This year, 24% of respondents have given a positive answer to the question of whether one can trust the party’s popularity ratings, which are reflected in the Latvian mass media. On the other hand, seven years ago, similarly to June last year, 26% of respondents answered in the affirmative to the same question. This year, […]

Friedrich Merz calls basic pension “serious mistake”

Friedrich Merz stays with it: The basic pension is not a good idea. He worries about the consequences for the entire pension system. In addition, he is not convinced of a possible quota for women in his party. CDU candidate Friedrich Merz has renewed his criticism of the basic pension enforced by the black-red coalition. […]