International institutions expect positive performance of UAE banks

Abu Dhabi – Mubasher: The “S&P” credit rating agency indicated in a report that banks in the UAE are moving forward on their way back to their strong performance before the outbreak of “Covid 19” at the beginning of 2020. . According to the report, the agency expected that banks in the UAE would return, […]

Bispin Global: A strong presence for virtual real estate in the UAE using “Metaverse”

Abu Dhabi – Mubasher: Bispin Global – Middle East and Africa announced that virtual real estate has registered a strong presence using Metaverse technologies in the UAE as one of the most important Metaverse applications. She explained that this achievement in the field of “Metaverse” technologies is in line with the UAE Strategy for Artificial […]

Dubai PMI hits 38-month high

Dubai – Mubasher: The latest S&P Global Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) data showed that non-oil private sector businesses across Dubai recorded a decline in total input costs for the first time in 19 months in August, driven by moderating fuel prices following trends. recent inflation. Lower expenses encouraged companies to cut their production prices during […]

UAE Central: Increasing interest rates may negatively affect real estate demand

Abu Dhabi – Mubasher: The UAE Central Bank said that the real estate market in the UAE witnessed a significant increase in activity and performance levels during the first quarter of this year. In a recent report entitled “Quarterly Review of the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates – First Quarter 2022”, the Central […]

Why Gulf stock exchanges returned to rise strongly? Analysts answer

Mahmoud Jamal – Mubasher: Gulf stock exchange indices recorded strong increases at the close of trading on Wednesday, coinciding with traders continuing to carry out selective purchases of major stocks that are expected to announce strong quarterly business results and the spread of reports confirming moving forward in lifting some sanctions against Russia in exchange […]

The current state of passwordless authentication |

Password management has always been a challenge for businesses and a huge responsibility for regular users who are faced with hundreds of passwords in their digital lives every day. The idea of ​​a “password-less” future sounds like music to everyone’s ears, right? Of course! But before we jump in and go 100% passwordless, let’s demystify […]

How to View Wifi Password on Windows and Macbook Laptops, Easy and Practical

loading… How to see wifi passwords on windows laptops and macbooks can be done easily. DOK SINDOnews’ photo JAKARTA – How to see wifi passwords on windows laptops and macbooks can be done easily. By understanding this review, users don’t need to be confused anymore to see the password of the connected wifi connection on […]

35.3 thousand lease contracts in Dubai during May 2022

Dubai – Mubasher: The total number of lease contracts in Dubai reached about 35.3 thousand contracts, during the month of May, of which 59.6% were new contracts and 40.4% were renewable contracts.. The percentage of annual contracts reached 80.9% of the total contracts during the month of May, and the percentage of non-annual contracts was […]