It has been declared that they have recovered from Covid-19 and may go home, some patients begin to experience unusual symptoms, Doctor: It is because months of being infected with Covid-19

China Out Illustration of a corona virus patient. – Data from the Task Force recorded an increase in the number of patients who recovered from the corona virus (Covid-19). As of August 27, 2020, there were an additional 3,166 people. Thus, the total number of patients recovered to date is 118,575. Even though they […]

Coronavirus, live and infectious droplets isolated in the air

Many are still quite skeptical that the coronavirus can also spread by air and only recently has the World Health Organization, on input from a group of scientists, admitted this possibility of contagion: not only coughing and sneezing but even smaller droplets that float in the air before evaporating, emitted while speaking or breathing can […]

Another Cipoleno patient died of coronavirus

A 36-year-old from Cipole died this Wednesday as a result of the complications that the coronavirus caused in his body. This is a patient who had managed to make the virus negative, however, he could not bear the consequences that it caused on his immune system. This is a worker from the Pollolín company who […]

Emil asks Jokowi for support to add Covid-19 tests to collaborate with private parties

West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil. © 2020 bebey – West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil submitted two proposals to increase the capacity of the Covid-19 virus test. The first proposal is to cooperate with the private sector. “There is a service from the private sector called pay per service PCR. Because our lab is […]

Eight Pami I professionals were isolated by a patient who tested positive

A doctor, five nurses and two stretcher-bearers from the Polyclinic of the Pami I was isolated after coming into contact with a man who was in a common room at the polyclinic and then tested positive for coronavirus. This situation generated enormous concern among the Pami 1 workers, who, in addition to the precarious conditions […]

Miracles, Perform Lung Transplant Surgery, 65-Year-Old Patient in Wuhan Recovers from Covid

RINGTIMES BALI – Underwent lung transplant surgery due to Covid-19 infection, a 65-year-old patient recovered and was allowed to leave the Wuhan University Renmin Hospital, China. Because of respiratory problems and pulmonary fibrosis caused by Covid-19, Cui Zhiqiang has multiple lungs, local media said, Thursday, July 23, 2020. Before undergoing surgery, the man hung his […]

A multimedia campaign against osteoporosis has started – Medicine

In Italy, every year, there are about 600 thousand fragility fractures, without considering those that patients do not even notice: in fact, only 20-25% of vertebral fractures are recorded. Nine out of 10 fractures are linked to osteoporosis. Just to fight the pathology, “Make your bones win”, an information and awareness campaign promoted by Apmarr […]