Wuppertal nurse tells from the emergency room

January 20, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. Paid content: Column from the emergency room : “I have never seen such a cold person” <!– <!– <!– Daniel Riehl works in the emergency department of the St. Josef Hospital. Photo: Fischer, Andreas Serie Wuppertal Daniel Riehl reports on his experiences as a nurse in the emergency room […]

Scammers use images of patients who have died of Covid-19

Tampa Bay (ots) – Jelle Wieringa, Security Awareness Advocate bei KnowBe4 After the numerous phishing e-mails about COVID-19 at the latest, it is known that fraudsters have a different moral understanding than the rest of the world. Therefore, borders are not only crossed, but trampled underfoot. Taking advantage of fears of the coronavirus pandemic was […]

these innovations in patient care

Medicare gives carte blanche to professionals in the field. Accused during the Covid of being cumbersome and technocratic, the health administration also knows how to be flexible and responsive. For two years, Medicare has embarked on a real revolution: it gives carte blanche to professionals in the field and tests all the good ideas that […]

Ring, sleeve, bypass: what are these obesity surgeries?

“These people were morbidly obese. In a few months, they have lost between 40 and 70 kilos, and are discovering the joy of living in good health. ” The trailer forOperation renaissance, new M6 show airing this Monday night, promises to tell the story of how obese people “Morbid” have had bariatric surgery. Not surprisingly, […]

CSB – Home CSB – Stroke Service Point

The Stroke Service Point is the joint advice center of the Berlin Stroke Alliance (BSA eV) and the CSB and is centrally located on the Mitte campus of the Charité. In the service point, patients and their relatives will find a contact who will help them find their way in this difficult situation. Together with […]

In Rennes, pharmacies are wondering how to help

Wrapped up in down jackets, mufflers and other woolen hats, an uninterrupted succession of customers, scrupulously respecting the regulatory sanitary distances, parades in front of the counters of the Lafayette pharmacy in the Colombia shopping center, in the heart of Rennes. On each side of the glass walls, we exchange, masked, Vitale cards and seasonal […]

Urge blood donors for cancer patient, in Xalapa

Good evening Platelet donors and type B positive blood are urgently needed for Mrs. Juana Hortencia Pérez Hernández, she suffers from cancer. People who wish to donate must report to the CECAN in the city of Xalapa on Wednesday morning at six, she takes them and brings them, she urges her because otherwise she will […]

They call for donating convalescent plasma

“In the hospital we are in great need of convalescent plasma donors, any person who has recovered from Covid-19 and wants to help another can approach the hospital,” said Luis Cubilla, head of the Blood Bank. The hours of operation are from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm, “they must present an ID and proof of […]

Analysis system should help to find the right corona therapy quickly

December 29, 2020 at 5:35 pm Paid content: Company from Moers : Analysis system from Moers helps with corona therapy <!– <!– <!– Blood test Photo: dpa / Bernd Thissen MOERS The Moers-based company nal von minden now offers a rapid test analysis system for six indicators in the blood to predict, for example, heart […]