Venezuela will incorporate Chinese medicine into the treatment against COVID-19

Without giving further details, he indicated that this medicine will be incorporated into the “treatment schemes” applied in the Caribbean country. The cargo, which also includes medicines included in the treatment scheme applied in Venezuela, arrived on a plane from the US-sanctioned national state airline Conviasa. With this shipment, they add more than 700 tons […]

Innovative medicine: they launch a nasal spray against resistant depression

This new therapeutic option seems reestablishing neural connections that are reduced or diminished, thus helping patients to respond better to therapy. Its innovation lies in the fact that it is a glutamate receptor modulator, which helps restore synaptic connections in brain cells in people with major depressive disorder. For acting on a different neurotransmitter, the […]

Italian study shows how to cut COVID-19 victims in half

Roma A study carried out at the Sant’Orsola di Bolonia hospital, in central Italy, indicates how to reduce the number of COVID-19 victims admitted to intensive care units by half. A team led by Dr. Marco Ranieri analyzed the damage that the virus causes in the lungs and how an early diagnosis can reduce mortality […]

4941 new cases of COVID-19 infection and 111 deaths were detected in Russia per day

The daily incidence of coronavirus in Russia is again approaching 5 thousand cases per day. In total, since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 985 thousand people have been infected in the country and more than 17 thousand patients have died. The dynamics of active infections has dropped significantly. Director of the Department of […]

When cirrhosis of the liver becomes fatal

news International research association determines three forms of “acute decompensated liver cirrhosis” by Adolf Albus (27.08.2020) If the body can no longer compensate for the gradual failure of the liver as a result of liver cirrhosis, there is a risk of acute decompensation of the liver cirrhosis. In some patients, this quickly develops into an […]

On video | Camino Nuevo Barranquilla will strengthen preventive medicine

A total of 80 thousand users will benefit from the Camino Nuevo Barranquilla that advances in the old building of the Barranquilla Hospital, located in the San Roque neighborhood. The new project, which is built in an area of ​​11,019 square meters without affecting the heritage building of the current Hospital, guarantees care for users […]

Private clinics already treat patients with coronavirus, even in intensive care

This reality has led the government to request help from clinics and sanatoriums. The private sector made itself available from the beginning but required urgent meetings with the government since they were in the position of trying to readjust, taking into account that they are currently treating other pathologies, a matter not at all minor […]

Invima alert for risk of KN95 masks with factory defect

Invima issued an alert last Thursday about the imported mask KN95 Putian Zhongjin Shoes Co Ltd, because it presents risks of “mask collapse”, “difficulties in breathing” and “adverse events on patients”. The design error was detected by the importer himself and “for this reason it requested to withdraw the product from the market.” In this […]

Who will be the first vaccinated against COVID-19?

The director of Medicines and Technologies of the Ministry of Health, Leonardo Arregocés, confirmed that according to the suggestions of the World Health Organization, in Colombia about 10 million people would be vaccinated against the coronavirus the first year. “The groups prioritized to receive the vaccine first are health personnel who are at greater risk […]