French Ambassador to Beijing warned of coronavirus risks since late December

Juan Pedro QuiñoneroFOLLOW Correspondent in Paris Updated:05/06/2020 22: 02h save According to the traditionally well-informed weekly “Le Canard enchaîné” (The Chained Duck), the French ambassador to Beijing, Laurent Lili, the French government would have warned since the end of last December of the risks of a “strange virus that could spread by wreaking havoc among […]

Guangzhou, Beijing and Harbin become hotbeds of concern for China

The district Beijing Chaoyang it’s considered high-risk’ in the mobile application that China has developed to control the spread of the coronavirus. It is not just any neighborhood: it is one of the largest and most populated in the Asian giant’s capital and the one that houses the embassies of most countries, including Spain. This […]

“Coronavirus, spark of the next economic crisis?”

ANALYSIS – The warnings issued by tech groups, automakers or airlines give an idea of ​​the seriousness of the situation. With the coronavirus, the global economy will face an unprecedented supply shock. CHRISTMAS CELIS / AFP Bankruptcy, tension on public debts, explosion of a housing bubble … For eighteen months, speculation has been rife in […]

Beijing cancels annual session of parliament

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis which has infected nearly 80,000 people, including more than 2,500 fatally, China decided Monday 24 February to postpone indefinitely the annual session of its parliament normally scheduled for March 5. In the current context of quarantine and confinement affecting hundreds of millions of Chinese, such a gathering of […]

Between Washington and Beijing, the standoff continues through the media

The Chinese reprisals were not long in coming. The Chinese government announced on Wednesday February 19 that it was removing their press cards from three journalists from Wall street journal (WSJ) accredited to China because of the editorial headline of the American daily, which Beijing has deemed racist. The three journalists have five days to […]

Coronavirus: China (too?) Optimistic

Beijing believes, without convincing the rest of the world, that its efforts to curb the epidemic are starting to pay off. Since the end of last week, symptoms consistent with the disease and an X-ray image showing lung lesions have been enough to diagnose the newly named Covid-19 coronavirus infection. ALY SONG / REUTERS “The […]

the three bad surprises of the Covid-19 revealed by the Chinese experts

The analysis made from the files of 1,099 patients reveals several boring, if not worrying, data. The Pr Zhong told Reuters on Tuesday: “I hope this epidemic will end in April, the big problem is that we don’t know why it’s so contagious . “ HECTOR RETAMAL / AFP The scientific article is not yet […]

Beijing tries to stem anger

The government is under pressure and must respond to the anguish of its population, turned angry among some, since the death of whistleblower doctor Li Wenliang on Friday. President Xi Jinping has his temperature checked at a coronavirus care center on February 10 in Beijing. JU PENG / AFP Correspondent in Beijing Xi Jinping wears […]

the tribulations of our correspondent in Beijing at the time of the coronavirus

GREAT STORY – At a time when neighborhoods, like spirits, are barricading, our correspondent Sébastien Falletti recounts the great psychosis that has enveloped China since the emergence of 2019-nCoV. “Temperature control has become systematic in the capital. From 37.3 degrees, you are “suspect” », says Sébastien Falletti, our correspondent. Frédéric Schaeffer Correspondent in Beijing In […]

Xi Jinping weakened by the coronavirus crisis

INVESTIGATION – The tragedy exposes the failings of the authoritarian regime which camouflaged the epidemic in the name of censorship. The Wuhan International Conference and Exhibition Center, which has been turned into a hospital, is welcoming a patient with coronavirus symptoms on Wednesday. CHINA DAILY / REUTERS Pekin It took Li Wenliang six long hours […]