Queen Elizabeth opens lowogan jobs, looks for household members to take care of the royal palace, direct salary of Rp. 367 million and guaranteed to get a pension, here are the conditions – all pages

Gridhot.ID – The British Empire is indeed one of the most luxurious places in the world. All members, even the furniture in the palace, must be guarded and cared for with special royal methods. Now the Leader of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II is opening job vacancies related to the government. These vacancies are … Read more

No pension reform is possible, it’s just a chimera of academics, Rusnok said

“There will be no pension reform, it’s just a chimera of academics,” said the former prime minister, who said the forthcoming reform of the Fair Pensions Commission was just another political attempt, repeated with every government. “Pension reform cannot even exist, except on paper. It is simply not feasible in a country with a highly … Read more

Life policies, that’s why take out one

The life insurance is a contract that is signed between a private person and an insurance company to guarantee, in case of disability, longevity The death, an economic income to one or more defined recipients beneficiaries. They will benefit from the liquidity of the insurance upon the occurrence ofcontract event. The subject who stipulates it … Read more

Withdrawal of 100% of AFP: congressional proposal would affect pension funds | News

By Malena Miranda The ruling that states that AFP affiliates, who have not contributed for more than 12 continuous months, can withdraw all of their pension savings, would affect the performance of pension funds, Prima AFP said. “In the short term this (the congressional proposal) will have an impact on the assets (of the pension … Read more

How is the job offer for older adults in Colombia – Sectors – Economy

After receiving the presidential sanction last Monday, July 27, the six-month period began to count for the Government to regulate law 2040, which promotes the employment of older adults who, having the age of pension, failed to meet the contribution requirements to have an allowance. The above, through the creation of tax benefits, employers linking … Read more