Gary Oldman would retire at the end of his series

He talked about his upcoming retirement in a recent interview Gary Oldman. He told the London Times: “I’ve had an enviable career, but sooner or later a career fades away, and there are other things I’m interested in besides acting. When you’re young, you think you’ll just be able to deal with other things – […]

New pension system? Nearly a million employees do not build up a pension

ANP XTRA NOS News•Friday, 07:24•Amended Friday, 08:31 Leanne Kraniotis economics editor Leanne Kraniotis economics editor Yesterday there was a lively debate in the House of Representatives about a new pension system. Employees without a pension are one of the important themes in the pension debate. Nearly one million employees do not accrue any supplementary pension […]

Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn increases pension by 6 percent

NOS | Helen Kret NOS News•Monday, 09:17•Amended Monday, 09:49 The second largest pension fund in the Netherlands, Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn (PFZW), will increase its pensions again next year. As of January 1, 2023, pensions will increase by six percent for participants in the Healthcare and Welfare sector. With the relatively high rise, the fund […]

Banker gets right to lifetime health plan in court

Workers who joined the supplementary private pension plan are entitled to maintain a health plan under the same conditions as when they were active, as long as provided for in the contract, so as not to cause damage to the health of the beneficiaries. Injunction was granted due to the contractual provision and possible complication […]

iDeCo target audience expanded!Two things you should never make a mistake with a defined contribution pension | Investment psychology for those who don’t want to lose themselves | Diamond Online

Photo:PIXTA Partial revision of the systemiDeCo target audience expanded! From this October, the number of subscribers to iDeCo has increased significantly. The reason for this is that the system has been partially revised, and people who were enrolled in a corporate-type defined contribution pension (corporate-type DC) can now join iDeCo. Of course, due to the […]

The consumption and media behavior of the generation over 55 is changing

21. 10. 2022 The standard of living of the generation of Czech citizens aged 55-69 is improving, and those who have already reached retirement age want to spend it more actively than the previous generation of senior citizens. This follows from a new wave of research focused on the so-called silver generation from OMG Research. […]

who can request it and collect 80% of a pension

EXCLUSIVE SUBSCRIBERS It is granted to people with 65 years of age and insufficient contributions to retire. The requirements and how it is processed before the ANSES. People who reach retirement age in Argentina without a blank job and without the 30 years of contributions required to retire have the possibility of accessing a pension […]