This sport is popular all over the world. Who is it perfect for? We bust myths [WYWIAD]

Crossfit is a high-intensity form of training that combines a variety of fitness elements such as strength, conditioning, endurance and gymnastics. Its goal is to develop comprehensive physical skills such as strength, endurance, speed, agility, flexibility, precision and many others. Continuation of the material under the video These workouts are known for their variety and […]

A perfect visit to “strengthen trust” (Luo Chengzong)

Vice President Lai Ching-teh visited Paraguay as a special envoy, and stopped in New York and San Francisco. Arriving in San Francisco on the return flight from Paraguay, Rosenberg, president of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), and Xiao Meiqin, the representative to the United States, boarded the plane to greet them in person, completely […]

The arrival of the representative’s car.. A successful launch in the company Metqan

Using solar electric energy, “Matqan” launches the delegate car in support of Vision 2030 in protecting the environment and achieving sustainable development in preserving the environment, which is an excellent step towards making delivery more healthy and respectful of the environment. Solar electric cars are an environmentally friendly form of transportation that uses renewable energy […]

Another perfect day for Cuba in the Boxing World Cup

Saidel Horta shone for the second time, Arlen López resolved after being demanded and Julio César La Cruz imposed his law without setbacks so that Cuba reached eleven consecutive successes in the Tashkent 2023 World Boxing Championship. Horta from Cienfuegos (57 kg), rookie in these fights, punished Anthony Joseph from Trinidad with ease, especially supported […]