Fundecitrus professionals participate in Congress in Argentina

A team of specialists from Fundecitrus recently participated in the X Argentine Citriculture Congress in Concordia, Argentina. More than 400 professionals participated in the event, such as producers, researchers, students and national and international references in citriculture and industry, whose main theme was scientific and technological innovations for the sustainable development of citriculture. Fundecitrus researcher […]

What are functional foods?

Food advertisements that promote their therapeutic properties often confuse many consumers. However, those looking for information to respond to their concerns can resort to existing technical assessments on the matter. In an article published in “Salud para Todos”, experts point out that food is a substance that is ingested with the aim of satisfying the […]

Who wins from carbon agriculture?

By Silvia Ribeiro* The largest global companies in agriculture and food have established programs for this purpose, which they call carbon agriculture. For example those of seeds and agrochemicals such as Bayer-Monsanto y Cortevaof fertilizers like Children y Nutrientsof machinery like John Deere they incorporated into their digital platforms ways to enroll and even pay […]

How is the corn market?

Corn prices in Chicago also rose a little this week after Easter. The cereal bushel closed on Thursday (13) at US$ 6.52, against US$ 6.43 a week before. The USDA report, on the 11th, brought little news. He held the latest US crop at 348.8 million tonnes and ending stocks at 34.1 million. In world […]

Pesticides, it is the most contaminated and dangerous fruit for health

For proper nutrition, fruit and vegetables should never be missing from our daily tables. Something that nutritionists and dietitians never tire of repeating. Fundamental to provide the body with all the nutrients it needs, vegetables and fruits they are, in fact, the perfect foods even in the case of slimming diets since their calorie content […]

scientists organize a funeral procession for insects

The Scientific Associations in Rebellion and Extinction Rebellion organized a procession in the Jardin des Plantes, in front of the National Museum of Natural History, under the banner “Silent Spring: pesticides kill”. A hundred people formed a funeral procession on Saturday in Paris to denounce, at the call of scientists, the “catastrophic consequences of the […]

Covid treatment can be harvested

Cutting-edge therapy can help get ahead of viral variants. Arizona State University scientists use transient expression in tobacco plants to quickly and cheaply “harvest” large amounts of a new type of monoclonal antibody that prevents infection by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and has a low risk of generating resistance upon binding to an area away from […]