Government wants to expand banned uses of pesticides in 2022

The Ministry of Ecological Transition announced Thursday its desire to extend from July 2022 the bans on the use of pesticides in living areas, such as condominium gardens, private parks or campsites. The law has already prohibited since 2017 the use of chemical phytosanitary products by communities to maintain green spaces and roads. Same ban […]

Pesticides under the eyes of the European Commission

“Farm to fork”, “from farm to table”. Once again, the European Commission has, with its new strategy unveiled on Wednesday May 20, the meaning of the formula. In 23 pages, the institution puts forward its ideas for “Transition to a sustainable European Union (EU) food system that guarantees food security and access to healthy diets […]

“For a few more bananas, the chlordecone scandal”, the dark side of banana crops

In the wake of calls for the safeguarding of France Ô, whose broadcasting should stop on August 9, France Télévisions has just proposed to the government a maintenance project. There is no doubt that the “special mention” granted on April 27 to the documentary For a few more bananas. The chlordecone scandal to 36e Montreal’s […]

Locusts in East Africa: exponential growth (

A flock of desert grasshoppers occupies a street near the Kenyan city of Mwingi. Photo: dpa / Xinhua / Zhang Yu Because of the corona crisis, most people are now familiar with exponential growth. Nevertheless, the numbers from the ongoing plague of locusts in East Africa are surprising. After the first wave in February there […]

Pesticides. Majority MPs denounce reduced spreading distances

Twenty-five MPs, including a majority of walkers and MoDem, denounced Tuesday a division by two of precautionary distances for spraying pesticides close to homes in 25 departments, in an open letter to the Minister of Agriculture. The decree of December 27, 2019, however, brought the minimum safety distances for spraying pesticides near inhabited places, to […]