Gasoline price in Mexico today July 2, 2020

Mexico.- Today, Thursday, July 2, 2020, this is how the price of Magna, Premium and Diesel gasoline that is dispatched at the various service stations in the country dawned. Next, we present you the national average price and some of the general prices by state of the Republic. Stay informed about what matters most to […]

Multinational companies take measures for Covid-19

Dozens of companies continue to report the impact that the coronavirus is leaving on their operations, which has made it essential to announce measures to try to survive in the midst of the crisis. Automotive, airlines, e-commerce, entertainment and even the sale of food products have revealed the impact on their finances as a result […]

Minister Carlos Alvarado announces 351 new cases and one death due to Covid-19

Today, Venezuela registered 249 community cases, of which 142 are related to the focus of the Las Pulgas de Maracaibo market, the rest of the cases are registered in: Miranda: 19 Merida: 11 Bolívar: 19 Capital District: 34 Sugar: 14 Yaracuy: 3 Trujillo: 3 Monagas: 2 Lara: 1 Anzoátegui: 1 101 international cases were also […]

Statement of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Caracas on the notifications delivered by PDVSA to fuel dispensers on June 27, 2020

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Caracas before the offices delivered by Petróleos de Venezuela, SA (“PDVSA”) to the representatives of various service stations on June 27, 2020, through which they were exhorted to the “delivery” of the aforementioned fuel outlets, states that: Considering That the States of Exception decreed by the National […]

The details of the disclosure Petroleum new Western Sahara.. over 4100 barrels per day

Detection engineer Hamdy Abdel Aziz, official spokesman of the Ministry of Petroleum, the details of the new disclosure announced by the ministry on Wednesday. Said Abdul Aziz during a raid of a telephone with media Azza Mustafa, programme “Hall of liberation” on the channel echo of the country: “detection of Petroleum located in Abu Sinan […]

Oil: the Creole barrel returns to $ 45, but with requirements for companies

The return of the “Creole barrel” of oil was established this Tuesday through the publication of a decree published in the Official Gazette. Companies must meet a series of requirements related to maintaining the level of employment, investments and restrictions on the exchange market. It was decreed that until the end of 2020, “deliveries of […]

Oil at a balance price sinks the economy of large producers | Markets

The historical bite of the Covid-19 at the price of oil, until it was quoted negatively, has claimed more victims than the companies in the sector. The countries that pump the most oil have seen how the coronavirus has paralyzed economic activity, displacements in dozens of countries that have decreed confinement and, ultimately, the demand […]

Future cash flow, uncertain due to “circumstances beyond control”: Pemex

Mexican oil (Pemex) said that they have the capacity to maintain operational continuity and meet their obligations; however, he warned that he has no certainty about the future cash flow, especially since the Covid-19 generated damages. “We believe we have the ability to meet our payment obligations and our operational continuity. However, our future cash […]