Monkey pox: contact with their pets to avoid as much as possible

This recommendation for people with monkeypox was made by the National Health Security Agency (Anses). The first animals concerned The National Health Security Agency (ANSES) advised, Thursday June 16, 2022, that a person infected with the virus of monkeypox should avoid contact with his or her pet. ANSES received an urgent request on the issue […]

Skin Cancer Prevention Day, one of the most frequent in dogs

The European Skin Cancer Prevention Day It is celebrated this Monday June 13 to raise awareness about this disease, which affects both people and animals. Specifically, cutaneous neoplastic pathologies are the more frequent in male dogs and most frequent seconds in females, behind breast cancer. It is common to such an extent that a European […]

West Ham player could go to jail

Midtime Editorial Mexico City / 24.05.2022 12:45:11 The player of West Ham, Kurt Zoumafaces jail time after he pleaded guilty to kicking his cat”like a soccer ball‘ throughout the kitchen while shouting: “I swear I’ll kill him”. The 27-year-old defenseman arrived at Thames Magistrates Court in Londonaccompanied by private security and admitted two charges under […]

Management of weeds, borer and coffee fertilization

In coffee, all the practices that are carried out on the crop must be done in a timely manner in order to obtain high productivity. Today, in my tips we will talk about three of those practices: Integrated Weed Management It involves implementing various control methods, depending on the area and the weeds in the […]

66 days alone at home: Thirteen-year-old cooks and takes care of pets | Chinese boy | 66 days | Pets | lockdown | Child prodigy | Children News | Kids Club | Kids News | Toddler News | Malayala Manorama | Manorama Online

Many were forced to stay at home due to the Kovid expansion and lockdown. But the news of a Chinese boy who was left alone at home for two months due to a lockdown is noteworthy. The boy’s parents had to travel to Shanghai on February 28 to seek treatment for their father, who was […]

Garbage or organic waste has the opportunity to become agricultural fertilizers

In recent months, the issue of fertilizers has become relevant as a result of multiple calls for attention from international organizations such as the FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, for the country’s food security. According to the BBC, the crisis is global and many of these inconveniences are due to […]

What is the life expectancy of 19 dog breeds – 04/29/2022 – Equilibrium

When you look at your dog, you certainly wonder how long he can live. How many more years can you play with him? A new scientific study, recently released, has looked at the life expectancy of several popular dog breeds in the UK. Research shows, for example, that a jack russell terrier can live an […]

Animal care in veterinary medicine

April 30 is known throughout the world as the vet daya date that particularly in Colombia is commemorated in the month of May, to remember the start of activities of the Official Veterinary Schoolwhich took place on the 10th of 1921. Precisely, within the framework of the celebration of this international date, experts expose the […]

Pesticide residues can remain in agricultural soil for up to 20 years

The first synthetic pesticides that were marketed for agricultural use registered a high resistance to degradation, which encouraged the fumigation of millions of hectares with unregulated or dosed use. An American Chemical Society (ACS) study by Judith Riedo of the University of Zurich analyzed 46 regularly used pesticides and their breakdown products in samples taken […]