‘Vaccinate your children. The protection of mine depends on community immunity’: the appeal of a mother of a boy waiting for a vaccine – 01/19/2022 – Equilíbrio e Saúde

When five-year-old Hélio Tenório sees other children on the street, it is difficult for him to hide a smile. According to his mother, Thaís Sêco, having spent most of the last two years outside of face-to-face classes and without personally playing with classmates of the same age, he, who is naturally sociable, is ecstatic when […]

Health Canada approves Pfizer’s antiviral treatment for COVID-19

Thus, people with kidney disease should consult their doctor before taking Paxlovid. A lower dose may be indicated. It is contraindicated for patients with liver disease, including hepatitis, and those with HIV. (Photo: The Canadian Press) A new tool has been added to the arsenal to fight COVID-19. Health Canada on Monday approved Pfizer’s Paxlovid […]

Unilever wanted to buy part of GSK for £ 50 billion, which it refused

The British food and consumer goods manufacturer Unilever wanted to buy its consumer health division from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) for 50 billion pounds (about 1.5 trillion crowns). It operates as a joint venture in partnership with the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer. GSK announced that Unilever submitted a total of three offers last year, but the company […]

Pfizer: Corona medicine will be available on this date

And Pfizer, the giant of the American pharmaceutical industry, announced last week that the drug “Baxilvid” showed its ability to reduce the risk of transferring “Covid-19” patients to hospitals or the death of many adults by 89 percent. She said Britain had ordered 250,000 units of the new drug that treats “Covid-19” patients. Osborne told […]

the third dose of the doctors and the bid of the laboratories

The third dose against him CovidDespite the first official forecasts that were scheduled for next year, it is accelerating in Argentina. The Government announced that this week it will seek consensus with the National Immunization Commission and the committee of experts to advance with this reinforcement by health personnel vaccinated more than 6 months ago. […]

After Corona medicine, Pfizer shares jump amid a rally in US stocks

The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index hit another record high Friday, posting a week of solid gains after a strong US jobs report and positive data for Pfizer’s anti-Covid-19 experimental tablets. The Labor Department report showed US employment increased more than expected in October as headwinds from the increase in COVID-19 infections abated during the […]

The era of anti-Covid pills is on

A pill or a tablet to cure Covid? US giants Merck (MSD) and Pfizer announce very encouraging results for oral treatments, while an antidepressant is also showing promising signs, perhaps opening a new chapter in the fight against the pandemic. What are these treatments? We are talking about oral treatments, pills or tablets, which would […]

America opens for vaccinated people: travelers to the USA should know that now

For more than a year and a half, the United States was inaccessible to vacationers. Now tourists can look forward to New York, Florida and the great national parks again. But you have to pay attention to a few things. Nothing works without a vaccination. Complete vaccination protection is the basic requirement for traveling to […]

US panel of experts also recommends Biontech vaccine for children

Coronavirus Silver Springs (dpa) – After the emergency approval of the corona vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer for children between five and eleven years in the USA, a panel of experts also gave the health authority the green light. The formal move, which the US media unanimously reported on Tuesday, had been expected. This means […]