Lille relaunched in Nîmes, and finished on the podium in the first leg

football Lille did not shine on Saturday in Nîmes but the Dogues won 1-0 and thus revived, after their misstep in Angers, thus remaining in contact with Lyon and Paris SG, at the top of the standings. Posted 01/10/2021 at 10:37 am Christophe Galtier’s team did not bring back from Nîmes the honorary title of […]

Sóller puts out to tender the second phase of the reform of the Defensora theater

The Defender is undergoing rehabilitation. J. Mora One year after construction had to stop suddenly, the Sóller town hall yesterday took the first step to reactivate the reform of the Defensora Sollerense theater. The local government board agreed to put out to tender the second phase of the project that will involve an investment of […]

San Pablo with a foot and a half in the next phase of the Champions League

Hereda San Pablo Burgos has added an important victory in Istanbul this Tuesday, against Darussafaka (71-74), which leaves them practically classified for the second phase of the Basketball Champions League, reports EFE. A victory for the Burgos worked although they had a hard time starting to deploy their team game, in which a great Ken […]

Antibody therapy against Covid-19

news Rescue protection for the chronically ill and other risk groups? by Michael Wichert (17.12.2020) The Deutsche Herzstiftung eV supports the development of new antibodies as a therapy against Covid-19. An active ingredient candidate from researchers at the TU Braunschweig is already entering the clinical phase as a prophylaxis option for vaccination for the chronically […]

update on the 11 candidate vaccines in the final phase of human trials

> “Messenger RNA” at the cutting edge: These are at present the potential vaccines that appear to be the most advanced, using ultra-innovative technology. It involves injecting our cells with strands of genetic instructions called messenger RNA, to make them manufacture specific proteins or “antigens” of the coronavirus. These proteins will be delivered to the […]

update on the 11 candidate vaccines in the final phase of human trials

Faced with Covid-19, 48 vaccine candidates are currently in clinical trials on humans. But only eleven have entered phase 3, the last before the approval of the authorities, according to the World Health Organization. Update on these candidates, likely to arrive on the market first. > “Messenger RNA” at the cutting edge: These are at […]

From November 500 euro voucher for fast internet, pc and tablet – Tlc

During the month of November 2020, eligible families will be able to start using vouchers of up to 500 euros to get fast Internet connectivity and a personal computer or tablet. This is what the Ultra Broadband Committee (Cobul) has decided. Chaired by the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitization, Paola Pisano, the Committee – […]

Pablo Javkin: We are trying not to return to phase one in Rosario

The excessive increase in coronavirus cases in recent days forced provincial and municipal officials to take steps to lower the number of infections. Above all, they are concerned about the availability of beds for the care of Covid-19 patients, so Governor Omar Perotti signed a new decree than restricts the schedule of activities and the […]

Covid in Mar del Plata: the dramatic message from Montenegro

Guillermo Montenegro announcement covid phase 3 In the recording, and with a dramatic tone, the community chief assures that there is a “community transition” and a notable increase in cases. “My north was always the care of the residents of my city. I spoke when I had to speak, I fought when I had to […]