The meteorological phenomenon that left the world frozen and went viral

Voldemort was trending on social media this weekend. And not because something that the controversial HK Rowling, author of Harry Potter, has said, has been done viral but because a large number of citizens claimed to have seen the image of the cursed character in his saga in the sky of Istanbul, in Turkey. In […]

Hauptzollamt Krefeld presents annual report for Mönchengladbach

May 11, 2021 at 5:10 am Customs in Mönchengladbach : Citizens of the Reich claim tax back The results of the annual customs report are instructive. Photo: dpa / Frank Molter Mönchengladbach The reason for them is clear: because they are not allowed to use their car during the curfew in these weeks, they are […]

Covid-19 and judicialization of health

Presentation While the phenomenon of judicialization of health seems more assumed than real, the health crisis of Covid-19 invites us to return to this question. Several legal actions have in fact already been initiated, and others will inevitably be in the coming months or years. However, many questions remain unanswered given the restrictive conditions for […]

Falling star rain: the phenomenon that can be seen every night until the end of the month

The phenomenon known as a falling star shower, called “Rain of Lyrid”, will be visible until April 30. This astronomical event could be appreciated in Peru, specified the National Commission for Aerospace Research and Development. The shooting stars or meteors they arrive on Earth from the direction of the constellation Lyra. The “rain” will peak […]

Starting Tonight, Moon-Mars Conjunction Decorates Indonesia’s Skies To accompany your long holiday while doing activities at home, you can try observing the sky view in the form of the Moon-Mars conjunction. Starting tonight, 29 October 2020, the phenomenon of conjunction or the alignment of the Moon and Mars will again occur in the Indonesian sky with the peak of the conjunction […]

The global phenomenon ‘Pokémon Travel’ comes exclusively to Boing

Next Monday, October 19, the Mediaset España children’s channel will premiere season 23 of the iconic animated series, which has millions of fans all over the planet. The new adventures of Ash Ketchum and Pikachu make the jump to Boing. From next Monday, October 19, Monday to Thursday at 7:15 p.m., ‘Pokémon Travel’, as season […]