Almalaurea 2022, the most requested three-year and master’s degrees in the world of work

11/13 Almalaurea In 2021, at five years from graduation, the most common contractual form is the employee contract a indefinite period. The share of those hired with this type of contract is 65.5% among first level graduates and 55.8% among second level graduates. Self-employment (self-employed, self-employed, entrepreneurs, etc.) stands at 9.4% among first level graduates […]

Maturity 2022, students must wear masks during the exam

10/10 ©Ansa Il Codacons defined the administrative sentence “very serious and incorrect “. “The result of this mistake made by the TAR will be that students will have to face the baccalaureate and eighth grade exams wearing the maskwith all inconvenience e i annoyances appropriate, considering the hot these days and the temperatures reached in […]

Referendum June 12, the positions of the parties: who votes yes and who votes no

11/11 ©Ansa And more recently Conte explained that, as they are conceived, the questions “are legislative fragments that intervene almost like a revenge of politics against the judiciary“.” The judiciary – continued the leader of the 5 Star Movement – has some faults, including the current drift. From here to assume, on the part of […]

Finland, this is how Helsinki will do without Russian gas

5/10 ©Ansa In 2021, according to data from Gazpromthe Finland bought from Russia 1.49 billion cubic meters of natural gas, equal to about two thirds of the country’s consumption. This is between 6 and 8% of Finland’s energy used

Rising grain prices, global food crisis risk: what happens. PHOTO

8/12 ©Ansa While if you look in detail at Ukraine, there are 25 million tons of grain trapped in the country’s silos. According to Confagricoltura, moreover, there are 50 countries that depend on the import of wheat from Russia and Ukraine, including Eritrea, Somalia, Madagascar, Tanzania and Congo, and 53 countries are experiencing a situation […]

Referendum June 12, how to do the tellers and what is the remuneration

4/10 ©Ansa As established by the law, for the tellers and secretaries il compensation it is 104 euros (53 for special seats) in the case of a referendum, 96 (49 for special seats) in the case of elections for the European Parliament and 120 (61 for special seats) for administrative or political elections. If there […]

Long Covid increases thrombosis risk even after months: the study

9/10 ©Ansa The research followed 1,192 people with Covid and hospitalized in Wuhan between January 7 and May 29, 2020, during the first wave. After two yearsil 55% accused at least one disease-related symptom, particularly fatigue problems, sleep disturbances, low exercise capacity, mental health problems