Is it true that nicotine users contract Covid-19 less?

Hello, Many case studies demonstrate this unequivocally: smokers who contract Covid-19 have a greatly increased risk of developing severe forms of the disease. In this work, we find that the proportion of smokers is two to four times higher in severely ill patients than in those with a moderate form of the disease. On the […]

Umatilla County resident gives presumptive positive positive for coronavirus | Local news

WESTON – The coronavirus arrived in eastern Oregon. The Oregon Health Authority announced Monday that it had a third suspected case of coronavirus diagnosed in Umatilla County. Preliminary reports indicate that the county resident attended a youth basketball game at the Weston Middle School gymnasium, 205 E. Wallace St., in Weston, on Saturday, February 29. […]

“La Parisienne”, a myth since beautiful lorette

The Parisian stands out for its “Organic link to fashion and clothing” and by his way of being in the world. Identified by Rousseau in the New Heloise, it owes its existence to the displacement of the court of Versailles to the capital, effect of the Revolution. Notwithstanding, it is not limited to this figure; […]

An animal pandemic meets again Comments

For editor: 50 million Chinese locked! 15 countries involved! Five cases confirmed in the United States. These dramatic headlines announce one more pandemic about animal abuse. In fact, 61% of 1,415 pathogens are infected with animals. These zoonotic diseases, which require millions of people, include Asian flu, Hong Kong flu, West Nile flu, bird flu, […]