Kazakhstan has decided – the Summer Grand Prix will come to Szczuczynska

The last unknown related to the Summer Grand Prix 2020 calendar has been resolved. The authorities of the Kazakh Ski Association decided that the competition scheduled for 5-6 September will be held in Szczuczyn. The hills in Szczuczynski The hills in Szczuczynski After the May approval of the Summer Grand Prix 2020 calendar, two issues […]

Apple iPhone SE 2020 checked by DxOMark – how did it work?

This year’s Apple iPhone SE 2020, i.e. the successor of the highly popular SE 2016 model, has been equipped with only a single main camera. Does a lonely 12 Mpix photographic unit cope with other models in this price range? According to DxOMark testers – yes. In tests checking the quality of photos and video, […]

Scientists are just beginning to understand many of the health problems caused by COVID-19

CHICAGO, Jun 26 (Reuters) – Scientists are just beginning to understand the serious dimension of the health problems caused by the coronavirus, some of which could have noticeable effects on patients for years, according to doctors and experts at the infectious disease. FILE PHOTO. A health worker attends to a patient with coronavirus (COVID-19), in […]

Reader Phone: Are Allergies in Corona Times Endangered?

German allergy and asthma experts respond to questions in Corona, asthma and allergic disorders Exclusive forSVZ + users von Karin Koslik May 21, 2020, 6:00 pm Schwerin | For pollen allergists and people with allergic asthma, respiratory complaints are part of your illness. However, the Corona pandemic provides major reinsurance when symptoms such as cough, […]

security forces call to stay away from the scene (photos)

Posted on Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 12:57 p.m. By Sudinfo Significant smoke emanates from the nuclear power plant, making the fire visible from a distance. A major fire broke out this Thursday morning at the Dodewaard nuclear power plant in the Netherlands. Rescue services are mobilized en masse on the spot. According to information […]

Night shift: Cash & Carry – film review – film

1/6 Night shift: Cash & Carry 2/6 Night shift: Cash & Carry 3/6 Night shift: Cash & Carry 4/6 Night shift: Cash & Carry 5/6 Night shift: Cash & Carry Photo: Imago images, montage: TVSPIELFILM 1/8 Now click through the gallery and read the personal recommendations! Photo: Amazon Prime Video; Montage: TVSPIELFILM 2/8 The Handmaid’s […]

Apple iPhone 12: New pictures show the compact 5.4-inch model

At the start of the iPhone 12 series in autumn, Apple will offer a compact 5.4-inch model. Probably the cheapest version of the new flagship smartphone is now showing up on its notch display and dual camera system on fresh render images. If you put your trust in the expert opinions of the past few […]

Leak in new video: iPhone 12: design, features and price showed up

There will probably be new iPhones in September 2020 – this year there will even be four models. What is known so far. Exclusively forshz + users Avatar_shz from Christian Ströhl May 12, 2020, 4:41 p.m. Cupertino | The release of the new iPhone SE in mid-April showed that Apple was able to release new […]