The Campaign Of Donald Trump’s Quiet Supporters, The Singer Pink Comment Striking

Jakarta, Insertlive – Second, the election of the president of the United States in the month of November immediately begins. The candidates began to carry out the action to raise the prestige of them, including Donald Trump. The man who still serves as President of the United States, recently held a campaign in Tulsa. Unfortunately, […]

How to defeat the corona virus

The surface of the CoV-2 virus is peppered with spike proteins. One of these proteins is shown transparently to show its complicated structure. Image: Max Planck Institute for Biophysics Research appears to have found the crux of the corona virus. Now she is working flat out on a vaccine and medicine. But Sars-CoV-2 doesn’t make […]

“A group meeting would be fucking horrible”

Nacho serrano Updated:04/19/2020 09:47 save How many fans of Pink floyd Would you pay to listen to the long-awaited remastered version of «Animals» in these confined days (weeks, maybe months)? Surely a lot. But that will not happen. The bassist of the British band, Roger Waters, he has told Rolling Stone that he has tried […]

Roger Waters rules out Pink Floyd reunion

Roger Waters has ruled out a hypothetical meeting ofPink floyd(band in which he was from 1965 to 1985) arguing that “it wouldn’t be pretty”, but “fucking horrible”. In statements toRolling Stone,Waters explains that he attempted a rapprochement with the other two still-living members, David Gilmour and Nick Mason, to release a vinyl reissue of his […]

Corona and the consequences: more care in real estate

When a major crisis shakes everyday life and the financial markets, people feel much like hearing that pickpockets are on the go: they instinctively feel for their wallet to make sure it is still there. Everyone who owns assets is currently doing the same. After all, the Germans seem to be certain of one type […]

Pink was afraid for the life of son Jameson (3)

Pink watched her son get Covid-19 At the beginning of self-isolation, singer Pink (40) was still caught up in the monotony of everyday corona, got drunk out of boredom, shaved her hair off. Then suddenly the seriousness of life knocked on the door: Pink became infected with Covid-19. A little later the gruesome news – […]

Pink, coronavirus positive: “This disease is serious and real”

Thesinger pinkHe has wanted to reveal the circumstances that he has passed with his family to make all his fans aware that they should stay home. The interpreter has published this Friday an image where she is seen with one of her children and where she states thathas tested positive for the coronavirus COVID-19. Two […]

Pop star Dua Lipa: “I can dream, right?”

DLipa, among others, is crying when she addresses her fans via Instagram livestream a few days ago. “Stay at home!”, She demands, “you think you are young and that the virus cannot harm you. But I know a lot of young people who have been infected and who are struggling with the virus. ”Then the […]