How to recover a plant from excess watering

Many times, with the intention of providing better care, we make serious mistakes that can end the lives of our plants. This is very common with regard to excesses, whether of irrigation or fertilization. To get back our yard and to make sure we keep it healthy there are some tips to keep in mind. […]

100,000 summer flowers are now being planted

June 10, 2021 at 3:41 pm Parks in Düsseldorf : 100,000 summer flowers are now being planted The flower ring in the north park is almost finished Photo: City of Düsseldorf / David Young Düsseldorf Not only the weather is now summery, now the beds of the city parks and facilities are too. A total […]

This is how you determine the plants of Mallorca via the app

Perhaps one of the participants in the first Biomaratón will also find the Balearic Peony (Paeonia cambessedesii). But the flora competition, which will take place on the island and across Spain from May 21 to 23, is not about a single plant. Rather, as many species as possible should be searched for and identified. “May […]

How to apply for Social Security benefits online?

It’s never too early to start planning your retirement and the tools that Social Security offers online can make the process easier. Visit to access your personal account my Social Security. There you can get personalized estimates of all your future retirement, disability, dependents and survivors benefits. In addition, you will discover how much […]

Instructions and tips for autumn and summer varieties

It doesn’t take a lot of skill or effort to cut raspberries properly. It is only important that you follow the tips for summer-bearing and autumn-bearing berry bushes. If you combine both plants and keep the pruning dates, you can nibble on the sweet harvest from summer to late autumn. Tips for summer-bearing berry bushes […]

Use of plants in traditional medicine multiplies in times of coronavirus

Gustavo Romero In the midst of the health emergency that is experienced by Covid-19, medicinal plants are the most used to strengthen the immune system. Man has always maintained a close relationship with natural resources and, of these, plants have been for humans one of the most important and used due to their access and […]

Poisonous plants, caution is required

This 26-year-old young man thought he was eating a preparation made from wild carrots, when he actually ate plants of the same family as hemlock, a dangerous poison. He died on August 11, in Morbihan, after several days of coma. Last May, in the Grand Est region, another person died after cooking pesto with colchicum, […]