Against data silos: From data sharing to the platform

PwC-Studie 2021: Beyond Banking Around 95 percent of German banks want to operate their own digital ecosystem or participate in one in the next five years; a good half are already planning this for 2022. Like the PwC study “The new pillar of the business model? Relevance of digital ecosystems for German banks – survey […]

New forms of entertainment and fun of tourism

New forms of entertainment and fun of tourism Tourism is one of the forms of entertainment and one of the economic areas that has suffered the greatest negative impact as a result of the coronavirus. June 29, 2021 .

Farming Simulator 2022 Release date, when is the game released? – Breakflip

Farming Simulator 22, the 2022 edition of the popular farming simulation game has revealed its release date. Farming Simulator 22, the new 2022 opus of the famous license developed by GIANTS Software was revealed on April 22 during a trailer on the game’s YouTube channel. Since then, some gamers have been wondering when this new […]

How financial institutions can differentiate themselves today

Carsten Dalquen is Account Director Digital at the IT service provider Macaw The financial sector has undergone significant changes in the past few years. As new players, fintechs are putting pressure on traditional financial institutions, and customer behavior has changed fundamentally. Today, banking and insurance customers are more informed and more willing than ever to […]

“It may be the flowering of humor on platforms”

Santiago Segura He has fulfilled a dream that has accompanied him since he was a child watching the James Bond movies: “Be the villain”. “Sean Connery had nothing to do with me,” he jokes, “I always identified with the bad guy.” The opportunity has been given LOL: If you laugh, you lose, the first entertainment […]

Rumor: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will soon be bundled with a Spotify subscription

Microsoft could soon offer the ultimate version of its game flat rate in a bundle with a Spotify membership. This will help save money in the future for those who use Xbox Game Pass and the music streaming service. But there is no confirmation yet. Promotional graphic surfaced on Microsoft’s servers A graphic that was […]

Co-op between ‘Die Bayerische’ and Nürnberger Versicherung

“For Bayerische, innovations and speed in the development of customer-oriented solutions are of paramount importance. And as a medium-sized company, we are convinced that cooperation between insurers in selected fields can release special forces. We build on cooperation and on sharing very good ideas. In this way we want to achieve more success together in […]

End-to-end view in banks and insurance companies as a competitive factor

The triad of people, technology and process determines success Technologies such as BPM platforms (Business Process Management), RPA (Robotic Process Automation), artificial intelligence and process mining offer great potential for options for action. However, the digital maturity of the companies is often not yet sufficient for their use. Although banks and insurance companies have gained […]

Audio experiences, the new bet of streaming platforms

Limiting yourself is not an option, less in such a changing digital world. Standard audio formats like playlists and podcasts may start to sound out of date in the near future. For this, digital platforms are already preparing and are one step ahead of what the public asks for. For example, Your Daily Drive de […]

Análisis Crash Bandicoot 4 It’s About Time para PS4 y Xbox One

It is often said that second parts were never good. Let’s not talk about rooms anymore. Fortunately, ‘Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time’ is one of the biggest exceptions to the rule we have encountered at the controls. So much so that we can raise it to the elite of the platform genre, in the […]