Unnerstall praises Feyenoord player: “Then he has to…

Rewrite this content Lars Unnerstall at FC Twente Foto: © Pro Shots FC Twente played a 1-1 draw at home against Feyenoord, the leader of the Netherlands, on Sunday afternoon. Both keepers received many compliments afterwards and Lars Unnerstall was even sporty enough to compliment Justin Bijlow afterwards. The German understands that Bijlow threw a […]

Football fan with joy in formulating – Waldkirch

Waldkircher Christoph Beutenmller has written a book about SC Freiburg – including the Elztal chapter. . “I’ve always been a football fan,” says Christoph Beutenmller, “always, always, always.” The Waldkircher has now written a book about SC Freiburg. This appears in the series “Popular Errors and Other Truths” by Essen-based Klartext-Verlag – and in addition […]

Krefeld Pinguine fire coach Leif Strömberg​

October 17, 2022 at 6:23 p.m No surprise : Penguins fire coach Leif Strömberg after nine games On Friday Leif Strömberg celebrated a victory against Landshut and two days later in Heilbronn with his team. Photo: Lammertz, Thomas (lamb) Krefeld After only nine games of the season, the Swede has to go. Multifunctional Saveljev assumes […]

CHTC women win 5:1 at the start

September 11, 2022 at 5:02 p.m Hockey : CHTC women win 5:1 at the start The 1st CHTC women’s team won the opening match against Essen with 5:1. Photo: Jochmann, Dirk (dj) Krefeld 1st men’s team convinces with six points in the double match day in Mannheim iDe .1 mfahntnaeacM-sDn sed eerdrefCl HTC ntkoen den […]

Trinkberger is looking forward to the brother duel

October 7, 2022 at 8:04 p.m See you on Sunday : David Trinkberger is looking forward to the brother duel Defender David Trinkberger, here in front of goalkeeper Sergei Belov, meets his brother Luca on Sunday. Photo: Samla Fotoagentur/samla.de Krefeld The Penguin defender meets Luca, who is 19 months his junior, for the first time […]

Brüren gala in the top game

October 2, 2022 at 7:15 p.m Handball : Brüren gala in the top game Match winner Kevin Christopher Brüren scored a dozen goals in the top game against TuS Spenge. Photo: samla.de Krefeld Third division handball team HSG Krefeld beat TuS Spenge by 37:33 Dei SGH rKfdeel eeriNehnrid tkmmo in erd .3 diHasbndal-nlBuglea ihrne neg,neei […]

For TG Neuss Tigers, defense is purely a matter of the mind

September 24, 2022 at 4:50 am Basketball : Defense becomes a mental matter for Tigers Not nice, but important: In Göttingen, the defensive qualities of center Megan Swords and the Tigers are particularly important. Photo: Andreas Woitschützke Neuss At the start of the season in Göttingen, the TG Neuss women’s basketball team is concentrating on […]

CSV Marathon Krefeld has to confirm the turnaround

September 23, 2022 at 5:01 p.m Football district league A : CSV Marathon has to confirm the turnaround Krefeld CSV Marathon Krefeld travels to the leader in Kaldenkirchen. In their ranks, the guests have an exceptional player who is brimming with self-confidence. Meanwhile, in St. Tönis, there is an unusual comparison within the club. Until […]