The Welfare Parliament gives 35 million for new buildings behind Samfundet

The semester fee is increased, in order to expand the Student Society. – This is a milestone, says Karen Mjør who is the leader of Samfundet. The leader of the Student Society, Karen Mjør, is looking forward to a new building behind the red, round house. Photo: Mariann Dybdahl Published: 24.11.2020 22:30 Last updated: 24.11.2020 […]

TEST of Sackboy: A Big Adventure, the cute game from Sony that targets young players

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a production that accompanies the release of the PS5, but which also sees the light of day on PS4. Our little woolen hero leaves his supercharged universe, where personalization is king, and introduces us to a whole new colorful world. We spent several hours with this endearing little character, it’s […]

Therefore, the accused was dressed in a white suit after the arrest

On Wednesday, the investigation continues after the fire at Fannrem. The first messages to the emergency services were dramatic. The arrested man was dressed in this suit after the arrest. Photo: Morten Antonsen Published: 11.11.2020 12:21 Last updated: 11.11.2020 12:21 On Tuesday morning, the emergency services moved out to what they thought was a house […]

– Trump got an answer from the black ladies – we decided

Hundreds of Democrats danced outside the polling station in Philadelphia on Friday. The latest count showed that Joe Biden had passed Donald Trump by more than 5,000 votes. For three days, Donald Trump’s leadership in Pennsylvania has been constantly buttoned up. The postal votes in the bright blue city seem to have tipped the whole […]

Clandestine party with more than 300 people in Costanera Sur: there are 8 detainees

The music was played from speakers installed in various cars and trucks., one of which, a white Toyota Hilux brand, fled when they tried to identify its occupants. Due to the hostility shown by the organizers, the troops had to request the presence of personnel from the Urban Containment Operations division (DOUC), Prevention and Traffic […]

Fall Guys: the easiest level will become one of the hardest

The game is addictive and simple, a combination that made it very popular. However, many users find the challenges very straightforward. He easiest level of the game is Perfect Match (Perfect Match in English). It consists of jumping to the correct square when the symbol appears on the screen. The developers took note of […]

This will be the impressive NBA champion ring for the Los Angeles Lakers

In the last few hours, social networks have been flooded with images with the possible design of the luxurious NBA champion ring of the Los Angeles Lakers. It is one of the most anticipated awards by basketball players in the most important league in the world. As tradition indicates, the team that is consecrated in […]

The cheapest iPhone is already on sale in Argentina: how much does it cost?

He 64GB storage model will cost $ 83,000 in official Apple stores. Instead, the 128GB will be sold for $ 94,000. Both devices are offered with financing in 12 installments, at an extra cost of 12%. Plus, they have a one-year factory warranty. The arrival of the iPhone SE generated a boom in the US […]