confirmed participants, start date and all details

Twitch All the details about the second edition of the Pokémon series between several of the main Spanish-speaking content creators. By German Celsan 20/09/2022 – 21:49hs UTC 20/09/2022 – 21:49hs UTC Pokémon Twitch Cup 2: confirmed participants, start date and all the details After a successful first edition played in Pokémon FireRed, the Pokémon Twitch […]

pokemon vs. Dragon Ball: which of the 2 anime has more chapters?

Dragon Ball y Pokemon They became two of the series anime longest on the small screen. Both were part of the childhood of many people, and continue to conquer new generations. This leads us to ask, Which of the two achieved more episodes on the air? Pokemon and Dragon Ball, two series that do not […]

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple: New trailer introduces Paldea’s activities

The Pokémon Company has released a trailer of Scarlet and Purple Pokmon of more than three minutes in which they tell us what the activities to be carried out will be, beyond completing the Pokdex, in Paldea, the open world that you can explore “at your own pace”; are three stories framed in “the treasure […]

Infinite thanks to Forge mode

343 Industries is still working on the Forge way of Halo: Infinite, but thanks to an incomplete version that some players have had access to for a long time, we have been able to see very interesting creations. Among those creations is a tribute and Pokemonas a player recreated Pallet Town within Halo: Infinite very […]

‘Pokémon Go’ performs an incredible drone show in Japan (VIDEO)

‘Pokémon Go‘ remains a worldwide phenomenon, being the most successful augmented reality game in history and one of the most requested mobile games. That is why it is not surprising that Niantic and The Pokémon Company dedicate several special shows to ‘Pokémon Go’, as happened in Japan recently. At the end of July 2022, a […]

Is there a Bulbasaur in this picture? Find the hidden Pokémon

There is no doubt that there are more and more visual challenges difficult to solve in social networks. However, today we present you with a challenge that is really complicated and almost impossible to crack, so you will have to make an effort to find the answer in time. YOU CAN SEE: Prove that you […]

The Pokémon Company is releasing a new series… of the card game?!

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Telegram The Pokémon Company is constantly planning new projects to grow the most important entertainment franchise in history while appealing to a diverse audience. This is how several animation projects or series have been conceived; in fact, a new one […]