the little girl at the end of the road

In France, we have known Don Winslow for Circus in Piccadilly, which appeared in the “Série noire” just twenty years ago. To be honest, we didn’t take a closer look at the one who was a cinema manager, safari guide and private investigator until his third translation, Death and life of Bobby Z(Belfond). Then there […]

Weather in Alicante: a polar air bag brings rain and snow from Sunday

The entrance of a polar air bag in the Mediterranean it will cause a drastic drop in temperatures that will also come accompanied by persistent rains between Sunday and Tuesday, snow above 700 meters in purely winter days. The thermometers will drop to 4 degrees below the coast and below zero degrees inland. Bundling up […]

A polar cold wave freezes the southern tip of Argentina | Global World Blog

An ice-covered vehicle in the Argentine municipality of Río Grande. In video, the polar cold wave that hits the southern tip of Argentina. Río Grande Municipality EFE In Río Grande, a city in the extreme south of Argentina, last Tuesday the waves broke against the beach but did not return at all. Part of the […]