Medvedev called major shocks to the Russian economy :: Policy :: RBC

Medvedev, predicted the preservation of globalization after the pandemic According to the former Premier, the fall time may be limited by the retention period regulatory decisions, and the economic recovery will begin quickly enough, if this does not prevent a new wave of the epidemic. The third shock for the Russian economy, Medvedev said the […]

Experts anticipate a pandemic “every 20 to 30 years”

Frankfurt, Dusseldorf Hardly any company is more familiar with risks than Munich Re. The “Der Spiegel” magazine once called the “world risk center” the reinsurer. The Dax-30 group offers large companies and other insurers a financial safety net when natural disasters or other major losses occur. Munichers are therefore among the most professional risk managers […]

Trump backs the limits of the secret surveillance court

WASHINGTON – President Trump has expressed his support for a measure that would ban the US government. UU. Resort to a secret surveillance court to obtain telephone wiretaps from the Americans, according to a White House official, establishing a possible confrontation between the president and the intelligence community. Senator Rand Paul, the Kentucky Republican who […]

Thierry Breton: “It is false that Europe is falling behind” | Economy

The confidence in the economic and industrial strength of Europe is called Breton. Thierry Breton The European Commissioner for the Internal Market is firmly convinced that the planet has entered an era of post-globalization where competition will not be state but continental. “And therein lies the miracle and strength of Europe because we are a […]

United States 2020: a referendum on billionaires | U.S

The slogan of Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign is concise and astonishingly eloquent: “Mike will.” Removing Donald Trump from the White House is the priority of about half of Americans facing the November elections, and the Democratic candidate says he will “do it.” Why? Because he has 64.2 billion dollars to do it. Never in history […]

the summit of political blockages

Designed to make everyone agree, the proposal only fueled dissatisfaction before an ultra-sensitive summit on the future financial framework 2021-2027, Thursday, February 20. Friday 14 February, Charles Michel, new President of the European Council, emerged from ten days of consultation with EU heads of state with a figure: 1,094 billion euros over seven years, or […]