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The city of Buenos Aires and Microsoft signed an agreement to train 10,000 people in digital skills. Through this initiative, it is possible to participate in certified and free online courses to facilitate access to the new opportunities introduced by the digital economy. The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Economic Development and Production and […]

Trump’s plan to limit the program for young immigrants is stopped by court

Daca is estimated to provide accommodation for hundreds of thousands of people in the United States, as long as they do not break the law. However, they do not have the right to citizenship. The program was introduced under President Barack Obama in 2012, to protect undocumented immigrants and others who came to the United […]

First place slipped for Thoresen-Vestre –

On Saturday afternoon, there was a nomination meeting in Møre og Romsdal SV, for the list for the Storting election next year. The nomination meeting elected Birgit Oline Kjerstad from Ålesund SV at the top for Møre og Romsdal SV, the party states in a press release. Thus, Kim Thoresen-Vestre lost the first place he […]

2K launches’NBA 2K21′ for next-generation consoles in Korea

2K has released the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S version NBA 2K21. The NBA 2K21 for next-generation consoles was developed from scratch to take advantage of the power, speed and technology of next-generation consoles. It is the largest game in the history of the series. With the new dynamic rail cam directing, you can […]

“This time in the data center market” Intel launches GPU for servers

Intel has released a graphics processing unit (GPU) chipset for data centers. Intel has also joined the data center GPU market, which is growing in demand with artificial intelligence. Competition with NVIDIA and AMD is expected. Intel introduced’H3C XG310′, a graphic processing unit (GPU) for data centers on the 11th (local time). The new chipset […]

Veterinary medicine, constantly updated

01|11|20 19:50 hs. The sanitary care of domestic animals is something that Gonzales Chaves families have taken as one more priority and to learn details about this reality, La Voz del Pueblo spoke with the veterinary doctor Jorgelina Erdocia. The professional, who works at the El Refugio veterinary clinic, initially referred to her beginnings in […]