Politician: Behind-the-scenes budget agreements may harm the central and southern governorates

We present to you, our esteemed followers, this news entitled: Politician: Behind-the-scenes budget agreements may harm the central and southern governorates Which was published on our site on 2023-06-06 10:31:05 . And now to the details. Information / Baghdad… Political analyst Hazem Al-Bawi warned, on Tuesday, of the political parties’ behind-the-scenes agreements, which may be […]

A French politician exposes the recruitment of Arab mercenaries to fight in Ukraine

Watan Al-Youm – The French politician, head of the “Republican Popular Rally” party, Francois Aslineau, published a series of tweets on “Twitter”, in which he revealed Ukraine’s recruitment of mercenaries through a website. The French politician published pictures of the adzuna website and stated that Ukraine is recruiting mercenaries from the Maghreb and the Middle […]

Statement from the US politician about the elections in Turkey

The May 14 elections are on the agenda not only in Turkey but also in the international public opinion. While many news agencies and media organizations commented on the election environment in Turkey and what might happen afterwards, high-level politicians made statements and shared their predictions. Turkey will hold a decisive election tomorrow. More than […]

At the age of 74 – SPÖ politician died after a long and serious illness

Great sadness in the SPÖ Upper Austria. The party’s longtime club chairman in the state parliament, Karl Frais, died on Wednesday after a long, serious illness at the age of 74. From 1991 to November 2011, Frais held the chair of the SPÖ club in the state parliament. “His expertise and his empathy for people […]

The former politician Arturo Cruz returns with an ovation to INCAE

After 20 months of captivity imposed by Ortega, Professor Arturo Cruz Sequeira, former candidate for the Presidency in Nicaragua, returned on Sunday, April 30, 2023, through the front door to the Central American Institute of Business Administration (INCAE) during the graduation of 220 students, of 17 nationalities, held at the Walter Kissling Gam campus in […]

Brexit Hardliner Raab Resigns as Justice Minister Amidst Bullying Investigation

London The Brexit hardliner Raab last held the position of Minister of Justice in addition to the role of Deputy Prime Minister. With his resignation on Friday, he reacted to the results of an investigation report into his behavior in various ministerial posts in recent years. Former Secretary of Defense Alex Chalk will now head […]

“A major politician: Jean Ping Okoka” Alfred Nguia Banda

“A major politician: Jean Ping Okoka” Alfred Nguia Banda 11 avril 2023 Far from launching into an overflowing panegyric of a man or replacing me with his biographer, there are times when a credible political actor, an accomplished intellectual, a critic or an honest citizen must recognize not only the intrinsic value of other but […]

In Russia, the prosecutor asked an opposition politician to work for 25 years

Prosecutor opposition politician in Russia Vladimir Kara-Murzarequested to be deprived of liberty for 25 years. The lawyer in front of the building of the Moscow city court informed journalists about this Maria Eysmont gave According to the lawyer, his client lost 17 kilograms during his stay in the detention center. In mid-March, Kara-Murza was unable […]

Criticism from Baden-Württemberg for Faeser’s statements on refugee costs – Südwest

Federal Minister of the Interior Faeser has received criticism from the south-west for statements on refugee costs. The statements did not reflect the real situation, criticizes Migration Minister Gentges. Politicians from Baden-Württemberg have criticized Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser for her statements on refugee costs. The SPD politician had explained that she could not understand […]

Health of baby girls affected by temperatures during pregnancy, new study finds

By Lea Mabilon Posted yesterday at 2:37 p.m. , Update yesterday at 4:14 p.m. The study was conducted by scientists from Insern, the University of Grenoble and the CNRS on 343 women and their children. Sally Anscombe Published in the journal JAMA Network Open by scientists from Inserm, the University of Grenoble and the CNRS, […]