Aníbal Gaviria: political parties are silent on detention as part of the office of the Prosecutor – Congress – Policy

The detention order of the governor of Antioquia, Anibal Gaviria, for alleged irregularities committed in procurement processes in 2005, generated rejection among some political sectors. The president of the Republic, Ivan Duke, spoke about it on his Twitter account. “Respect for the institutional framework. I have known and worked with dr. Aníbal Gaviria for years; […]

The politicians and the squid strategy

Andrés AmorósFOLLOW Updated:05/13/2020 01: 43h save Language is used to communicate something but it can also be the opposite. In his study on Fernán Caballero, Don José Fernández Montesinos he calls it “great Andalusian squid” because he uses ink to darken something, not to lighten it. If Montesinos were alive and had to support some […]

Twitter verifies the false candidate for the Republican Congress of the teenager

The blue check was verified, and it does not exist. A teenager from the state of New York tricked Twitter into verifying an account he made for a Republican “candidate” who ran for Congress called Andrew Walz, CNN Business reported Friday. The mock joker politician promoted himself as a “proven business leader” of Rhode Island, […]

Bernardo Atxaga: «Politicians today are like ‘hooligans’»

“Politicians today are like football hooligans, especially those on the right.” It says without hint of tension Bernardo Atxaga, literary pseudonym of Joseba Irazu Garmendia (Asteasu, 1951), who presents what he says will be his “last novel.” ‘Casas y graves’ (Alfaguara) reaches the reader shortly after the Gipuzkoan writer received the National Prize for Letters, […]