Did Michael Jackson record a song with Luismi?

MEXICO CITY Every day news comes out that makes us smile, if you are a music lover, this interests you. Plagiarism or inspiration? Book discusses Bunbury method of making songs A few hours ago, Luis Miguel surprised his fans by posting a song in which he sings ‘together’ with Michael Jackson. Yes, you read that […]

Not too in-depth documentary about Stones guitarist Ron Wood

This year, British guitarist Ronnie Wood (1947) has been with the Rolling Stones for 45 years, succeeding Mick Taylor. Wood is a colorful figure, especially thanks to his past as an alcoholic and drug user. He was in a rehabilitation clinic several times. The anecdotes follow each other quickly in the documentary that director Mike […]

Waiting for the thaw: a blood ballerina, a “Pandemix” and VHS MTV

With slippers Maintained since 1948 in the state of an intact fairyland over the years, the red slippers can only be discovered in the vapes of dazzled levitation, as witnessed by all the filmmakers (from Brian De Palma to Darren Aronofsky) who slipped in his shadow or in his steps. In this Faustian parable where […]

The Snar festival in Barcelona cancels its 2020 edition

Updated Friday, 8 may 2020 –19:08 The festival of electronic music and avant-garde art will be held again in Barcelona and L’Hospitalet on June 17, 18 and 19, 2021 Assembly of scenarios of the Snar in its edition of 2019.EFE Cancellations and delays.The music festival season awaits its doom The festival of creativity, technology and […]

Death of Millie Small, singer of the eternal “My Boy Lollipop”

From how many hits are we allowed to say that we have changed the history of music? Millie Small, who remained in the hearts of most Britons as “Millie”, who died Tuesday at the age of 73, had only one to his credit: My Boy Lollipop, released in 1964, number 3 in the UK in […]