Angola recovers 36 pieces of art at auction held in Portugal

The pieces, which were part of the private art collection of Portuguese Elísio Romariz dos Santos Silva, were auctioned this Monday by the heirs of the aforementioned private collector who lived in Angola for several years. According to a press release from the Angolan Embassy in Portugal to which ANGOP had access, the recovery of […]

Nobody cares about Savings Certificates anymore. And it’s the government’s fault

Portuguese practically lost interest in Savings Certificates. Net issuance reached 258 million euros in August, the lowest value in 14 months The Portuguese practically lost enthusiasm for Savings Certificates after the Government cut the remuneration. Net issues of these securities reached 258.3 million euros in August, the lowest value in 14 months. Since June, when […]

One in four people who eat healthy meals wastes them on snacks

Poor choice of snacks “is associated with a higher BMI (body mass index), greater visceral fat mass and higher concentrations of postprandial triglycerides – the period after eating a meal -, all of which associated with metabolic diseases, such as strokes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity”, points out the study If you’re eating healthier meals these […]

Are there aromatic herbs better than others? And limits? Smell here for sure

Oregano, basil, parsley, coriander, rosemary, tarragon, thyme, bay leaf, mint… If you don’t have a supply of aromatic herbs at home to add color and flavor to your dishes, your life must be pretty boring. In recipes, the indication is almost always “to taste”. But are there limits to the quantities of aromatic herbs? Nutritionists […]

Is it really true that hair falls out more in autumn?

AUTUMN CNN. Tips to help you live this season better The scenario repeats itself every year: after the holidays and in the middle of the work routine, it seems that there are more hairs in the brush and in the bathtub drain. But is it just a perception? Not really. There is, in fact, greater […]

Harry Kane Aims to Match Messi and Ronaldo’s Career Achievements

The Bayern Munich forward is excited to match what the Argentine and the Portuguese have achieved in their career. By: DSPORTS September 21, 2023 · 5:47 PM Since his landing in Bayern Munichthe change of the Premier League to the Bundesliga It seems not to have affected him at all. Harry Kane He arrived in […]

This spice can be as effective in treating indigestion as omeprazole

It has been used in Southeast Asia to treat stomach discomfort and other inflammatory conditions. Its medicinal use dates back hundreds of years A good treatment option for indigestion may already be on your spice rack, according to a new study. The investigation, published in the medical journal BMJcompared the reaction of more than 150 […]